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Thorvald’s Wyrd Redux

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All work and no play… no, that one doesn’t work.

My grandmother used to say that a change is as good as a rest. I use this every so often when people accuse me of never relaxing. I also note that they weren’t around while I spend March break doing very little.

But I do need variety to keep my energy levels up and keep going. Too much variety makes me a little scattered, but there are a lot of things I want to do with my life and I need to show some progress here and there.

So, Thorvald’s Wyrd Redux.

For a couple of years now, I’ve been threatening to commit both electronic publication and a fiction podcast. Thorvald’s Wyrd will be a training wheels run at both. I’ve spent a little bit of time planning and working things out, have reviewed my test recordings, and have decided to redo the two episodes worth of scenes I did record for consistency.

To review, Thorvald’s Wyrd is a novelette that fits roughly into the sub-genre of Heroic Fantasy. I wrote the original draft of it way back in 2010, polished and edited late that year and into January of 2011, then posted it scene by scene on my blog. Oh, and it’s written in 100-word scenes. 129 of them. So it was an experiment, too.

The original text is still up on my old blog, Small Realities, here, and I don’t intend to take it down at this point. Feedback was uniformly positive, which certainly doesn’t mean the story is perfect but it holds up very well to rereading.

I’ve added the project under audio, though the % Complete will include artwork and e-book formatting as well. I was going to start recording today, but with all of the rain and melt in the last couple of weeks, my sump pump is still running every 4-5 minutes. Not really a lot of time in between cycles and it will likely just frustrate me. The weather forecasts promise increasing dryness over the next week, so I’ll try to get the primary recording done on my weekend then: Thursday and Friday, so the kids will all be at school and I’ll have the possibility of a quiet house between chores and painting someone’s room.

If successful, I’ve already got the next similar project in mind. Not quite a novel, but three times as long as Thorvald’s Wyrd.

Be well, everyone.

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