Six Seasons and a Movie!

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So for the last six months or so, I have been addicted to the television show Community, to the point where we have streamed all the episodes at least once, purchased the first two seasons, and downloaded the episodes of season five as they became available online instead of waiting for a Canadian channel to bother broadcasting them.

Erik enjoys it, but Melanie shares my diction. As a matter of fact, watching them with her is probably what began my addiction. I had enjoyed the show before, catching it whenever I ran across it while surfing, but she found it on Netflix and started watching a dozen episodes a day. I think she’s probably seen every episode at least seven or eight times.

I’m not sure what the exact attraction is for her, though the show has a lot to recommend it. For me, it’s probably the writing. It’s written very intelligently, and there are lots of little hidden gems in that sometimes you don’t catch at the time because the payoff isn’t for four or five episodes. Extended jokes, intelligent dialogue, entertaining characters, and great actors. It was a shame that Chevy Chase had to leave the show, but it’s still doing well since.

Catchphrase, stolen from an episode, “Six seasons and a movie.” I’m not sure how they do a movie to wrap things up, but, I think the sixth season should be fairly easy, though forth and fifth seasons, in my opinion, were only half seasons at 13 episodes each. A bit disappointing, but still fun.

Whatever happens next, I’m looking forward to it.

Be well, everyone.

(The season 1 DVD trailer gives a great taste of the show.)

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