Fan Expo 2014 – Day 4

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Last day of the con and had to pack up before we could go. This went well, and we still made it there before 1030, dropping right into the line up for Elijah Wood’s signing. And I got a lovely little sound bite.

We also lined up for John Dimaggio, who, among many other things, is the voice of Jake the Dog on Adventure Time. I thought I got sound there, too, but my Zoom appears to have eaten it for the first time ever. More likely, I screwed up with the buttons.

Missed the MLP panel, but spent time gaming with my son instead and found something we might like to play again.

A little shopping, but not much, before the Elijah Wood panel, and I was a little surprised (and amused) by the number of F-bombs dropping from the gentle hobbit’s mouth. He was fun, but again not on stage nearly long enough.

My son talked me into the ticketed event of Shatner and Stewart on stage. Funny that. My son talking me into something Star Trek related. But we went, and in spite of the mediocre seats (since there wasn’t as much time to line up as we would have liked after Mr. Wood’s Q&A) they were great. This session, at least, ran a little longer, though I felt like it zipped by.

As I’ve said before, I don’t intend to ever miss an opportunity to hear a member of the original series crew speak if I can avoid it. I feel the same way about Sir Patrick Stewart as well, and I’m not too far off for the rest of Next Generation crew. Heck, if it’s Star Trek, I’m probably there.

But now the con is over. I shouldn’t be as sad as I am considering how irritated at certain things I’ve been, but I am sad. And maybe it’s because I know I have no intention of going back next year. Not to this particular con, anyway. There are others.

A more detailed report soon, and more pictures going up tonight.

Be well, everyone.

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