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What I’m Writing: Draugr Rising

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A gentler frame from the Helheim comic.

My current novel project is tentatively titled Draugr Rising.

For those not in the know (and if you haven’t done much reading in Norse mythology, why would you be?) a draugr (or draug or draugar) is the Viking version of a zombie or revenant. They’re usually tied to the grave they’re buried in, often guarding treasure, have superhuman strength, and occasionally eat the flesh of the living or drink their blood. Some of them are shape changers. A few of them even have a variety of magical abilities so that they rival sorcerers: curses, entering dreams, driving their victims mad, and other powers.

Fun, right? And with a slight Viking flavor to an urban fantasy story.

I actually started writing this story long hand during a vacation in 2013 but did it as a discovery story, not having any idea where it was going. That’s been fixed with a bit of character sketching and quite a bit of plotting. First draft of the story looks like it should come in at 60-62k, and may even be complete by the end of the year. I’m not quite maintaining NaNoWriMo writing pace to do it, and I picked up about 11,000 words from the beginning to start from (missing four chapters that I’m still hoping to find hard copies of in the pile of papers in my desk). As of right now, I still have about 28k of those words to write.

It’s a fairly straight forward tale: recently widowed and orphaned man discovers he’s the key to stopping an ancient, mystical foe when the Norse Gods recruit him through his dreams. The objective: save the world from the rise of an ancient necromancer and his zombies draugr while keeping his daughter safe.

Sometimes this draft is like pulling teeth from a conscious alligator and sometimes a whole chapter just falls together at once. It’s averaging out pretty well.

Bu I still desperately need to find editing time.

Be well, everyone.

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