30 Days of Gratitude, Day 21: Electricity

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21electricityOkay, so I while may have considered fire to be the most important basis for our technology, I might sometimes argue against it in favor of one or two other things, and one of those things is electricity.

However you want to look at things, electricity is the absolute foundation of our society. Every light bulb, every television, every smart phone, every microwave, every refrigerator, every washer and dryer, every car, every computer. So many of the things we just take for granted as part of the way things are just chunks of metal and plastic without electricity.

Take away the electricity and everything stops working. We instantly lose more than a century of progress, more than a century of growth, more than a century health and well-being. So many of the simplest things we do depend on electricity being there every time you press the button, flip the switch, or swipe the screen.

While I am very much interested in events and how people lived in ancient Greece, Napoleonic Europe, pre-industrial Asia, or the pre-colonial Americas, I’m very much not interested in living like they did. Life before electricity was harder, harsher, and shorter.

And technology aside, watching chain lightning rip through storm clouds is pretty cool, too.

Be well, everyone.


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