Drabble: It’s Full of Drones

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It’s a drone-filled world.

Military drones. Expensive, solid, better all the time.

Commercial drones. Delivery models beat the media drones to market by a few months.

Toy drones. Cheap, crappy things with minutes-long battery life. Proliferation led to better quality, better batteries, better cameras. Easy, high tech voyeurism.

Privacy concerns fought back. Legislation, protests, and, eventually, tiny hunters. A quick electric shock knocks most over-the-counter pre-fabs out of the sky. Scratch one spy.

But my hunter didn’t come home last night.

The last frame of video catches a hazy image of something bigger, darker, menacing.

Begun, the drone wars have.

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Learning from his children how to follow his dreams again, Lance has long since allowed his writing to slip over the border into obsession, and typically has too many projects in progress. Dividing his time between traditional and independent publishing, he still finds time for spirited discussions with the technology around him,

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