Writing Update for the Week Ending 11 June 2017

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Two weeks in a row with the writing report. I’m going to count this as a win, although I posted nothing but book reviews this week. I had intended more, but we’ll try harder in the coming days.

Accomplishments this week:

  1. Draugr Rising 3rd Draft – finished. Not that I had much left to go, but it’s still worth noting.
  2. Book Review Catch Up – turned my point form notes into actual reviews for the remaining half dozen books I’ve finished recently.
  3. Undead Story Selection. Squeezed this down to 95,000 words worth of stories. Most, but not all, of those are in a first draft state. 40 stories and flash pieces. A nice number. Editing will start shortly, but I’d like to clear a few other things off the project list before I get deep into it.

So, pulling those off the list that leaves the current “next 10” as follows:

  1. Shrine 1st Draft
  2. Star Trek Marathon Logs Redux
  3. Scattered on the Wind Final Draft
  4. Star Trek Comic Strips
  5. Novella/Novelette Review Catch Up
  6. Haiku Selection
  7. Fractured Unity 1st Draft
  8. LoC 2 Plot
  9. Fallen Heroes Outline
  10. Star Trek Book/Comic/Merch

LoC = Lords of Creation, a species of aliens in Universal Destiny. I have a few notes made for the sequel, but nothing resembling an actual plot yet. That’s the step I’m looking for here.

Fall Heroes is the third book in the Heroes Inc. trilogy. This is plotted at the chapter level. Ish. Needs more detail and to be broken down at the scene level so I can then ignore that when the characters tell me they want to go their own way.

And there are still pieces of the Year of Trek to get done. Lots of them.

But the lion’s share of creative time right now should be spent on the first draft of Shrine, book two of the poorly-named Troll Wars Quartet. Poorly named, because there’s barely one war and it’s not happening in this book. I’ve just finished reading what I’ve previously drafted so I have a good grip on the story. And I can already see at least two more spots I want to diverge from the established outline.

Be well, everyone.

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