Writing Update for the Week Ending 18 June 2017

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Which, yes, I should normally have posted yesterday.

Lots going on this week in life, and I got some work done, but I didn’t get far enough on any of the primary projects to actually take one off the list. I probably won’t the next couple of weeks, either, because they’re all in the first 33%.

That said, I made good (or at least some) progress, on the top three.

Accomplishments this week:

  1. Shrine – I’m finding it hard to get back into this story, gaining 250-300 words per day right now.
  2. Star Trek Marathon logs – the first seven are redrafted, which still leaves me a long way to go, and I wish I knew what happened to the original file and when. It’s not in any of my backups and was basically a complete first draft.
  3. Scattered on the Wind final – since this is the third-tier project at the moment, I haven’t made it there every day, but I’m still three chapters through that final read out loud draft. A few small adjustments here and there, but I’m liking how the story works so far.

The current “next 10” projects remain:

  1. Shrine 1st Draft
  2. Star Trek Marathon Logs Redux
  3. Scattered on the Wind Final Draft
  4. Star Trek Comic Strips
  5. Novella/Novelette Review Catch Up
  6. Haiku Selection
  7. Fractured Unity 1st Draft
  8. LoC 2 Plot
  9. Fallen Heroes Outline
  10. Star Trek Book/Comic/Merch

Lots of creative stuff to do.

Be well, everyone.

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Lance Schonberg is an eclectic genre fiction author with more than two dozen stories published or on the way. 2019 is the year he dives into independent publishing, starting with "Thorvald's Wyrd", "Skip To My Luu", and "Turn the World Around". And he needs a more exciting short bio.

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