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New Genre TV for Fall 2017

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I don’t have cable anymore, haven’t for probably five or six years now, so I rely on internet news, network streaming, and Netflix for my increasingly rare TV fixes. And, much like re-reading, I don’t do a lot of re-watching. I want more stories, new ones, and not just repackages of things I’ve already enjoyed.

This year, there are a few more genre shows coming out right now than seems usual for the fall season. This should make an old geek happy, and yet… the whole idea of fall premiers is going away. Hollywood is sucking more and more, but there are alternative channels to find your entertainment on now, and some decent things are definitely coming out of those channels. And they’re coming out whenever their production companies decide is the right time for them to come out. That, I like.

But for fall, in no particular order:


The Defenders

Can’t yet. Haven’t finished Luke Cage or Iron Fist. Or Daredevil, for that matter. Wondering if I need to.


The Crossing

Refugees from a future war fleeing to the past. Thinly veiled commentary on America’s truly impressive record on dealing with refugees in the last few years. Think I’ll pass.


Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

Another guardian angel show, this one with a bit of old testament “find me righteous people and I’ll spare the world” crap added in. Apparently, it was almost called “The Gospel of Kevin”. Give it a rest already.


Black Lightning

I’m skipping this one, I think, for two reasons. First, it mostly looks like the CW is trying to do a cooler, blacker Daredevil. The violence level doesn’t seem any lighter, though they may have dialed back the blood a bit; this is what pushed me away from Daredevil. Second, while lack of familiarity with the hero doesn’t bother me (I won’t know how they’re butchering canon that way), I am more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy. Bringing us to


The Gifted

Hmm. Mutants on TV, and it’s the first non-cartoon attempt in a long time. I want to like this just on general principle, but the trailer doesn’t look promising.



It seems to be an X-files spoof, and the trailer makes it look both stupid and slapstick at the same time. I wonder if it’s too much to ask that my entertainment not treat me like I’m reading the National Enquirer. Passing on this one.


The Orville

I’ve watched the first episode of this one and while it was a little rough, it did have a huge number of nods to Star Trek, both TOS and TNG. I think it’s got some potential so long as it doesn’t get so stuck in humorous homage mode that it doesn’t get around to telling its own story.


The Tick

This is one of those alternate channels I was referring to, even more ultimate than a Netflix original. I’ve been looking forward to this since I heard about it. I discovered the Tick as a comic book back in the late 1980s, enjoyed the later cartoon, and the original TV series back in 2001. Two episodes into this one, and I’m loving it. The humour mix is right and true to the original story and current generation special effects make it work really well.


The Inhumans

The trailer actually makes the Inhumans look exciting. While I’ve never managed to enjoy the comics very much, the show might be worth checking out. At least long enough to see Lockjaw in action.


Star Trek: Discovery

And, of course, the retconned-yet-again-Klingon in the room.

It’s no secret I’m a Star Trek fan, and have been pretty much my entire life. I’m trying not to get too excited about Discovery, but I really, really want to be. The reboot movies have been a disappointment, being just action movies with Star Trek trappings, but current Hollywood doesn’t make it easy to tell a good story, much less a good, new story. Star Trek belongs on TV. I’m hoping this works, and will probably blog it pretty heavily when it happens next weekend.


And why am I being made to wait until next year for Season 3 of The Expanse?

Be well, everyone.

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