Writing Report for 04 December 2017

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So not much to report, really. I’ve had a busy, stressful week. Probably, that means I should be writing more. Or, you know, at all.

Actually, I got a little bit done in the way of blog posts in the past week, but not much more. I’m not stalled on anything, exactly. I just don’t have the energy at the moment. Too much taking up the energy I do have, so when I sit down to the keyboard, I’m more likely to be skimming through news or other information on the internet.

Lots of reading. Not much writing.

This too shall pass.

Be well, everyone.

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Lance Schonberg is an eclectic genre fiction author with more than two dozen stories published or on the way. His first independent publishing adventure,"Thorvald's Wyrd", is due out at the end of January 2019. And he needs a more exciting short bio.

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