December Writing Report

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“I’m going to try to do the daily blog thing for the rest of December”.

Well, that lasted a whole three days. <sigh>

Time to try again, right? We’ll see how it goes.

As I’m typing this, it’s late in the evening on the 2nd of January. I haven’t posted since the 8th of December. I’d like to be surprised, but then I look back at December, even having had a few days off and making a short trip down into New York state. More on that another day.

But today, it’s worth noting that I have managed some progress on the editing front. Since that last post on the 8th, I’ve:

  1. Finished the Revision Notes pass on the last of the Troll World novels.
  2. Started and finished the 2nd draft of A Matter of Honour, a Star Trek novel focused around a young Lieutenant Chekov plus assorted characters of my own imagination in the TOS prime universe.
  3. Started the revision notes draft of Big Hair Day, which is about 85% done as of right now. Revision notes is probably the wrong phrasing, even though I am leaving notes, though. I’m also cleaning up and fixing a lot of stuff as I go along. It’s more like I’m doing the second draft first and then I’ll go back and take care of the things I’ve left notes on. I’ll probably have added about 6,000 words to the story between the two.
  4. Tidied up the dictation on five previous journal entries.

Not a bad few weeks, really. Especially considering I missed three days completely.

More editing. Lots and lots more. I am going to try to draft a little, starting with the plan of a short and a flash piece each month for the first few months of the year, but most of my creative time is about editing for the next little while.

And publishing, but more on that another day.

Be well, everyone.

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Learning from his children how to follow his dreams again, Lance has long since allowed his writing to slip over the border into obsession, and typically has too many projects in progress. Dividing his time between traditional and independent publishing, he still finds time for spirited discussions with the technology around him,

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