Mummy Powder Reveal

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Next up on the publishing list: “Mummy Powder”.

I don’t know if this 6,700-word story qualifies as Dark Fantasy or Horror, but it’s definitely a little more chilling than my usual production. A version of it first appeared as a web serial on a previous version of my blog waaaaay back in summer of 2012, where it had a few happy readers. As I move further down the indie publishing road, I intend to call back those stories I’ve sent into the wild, maybe give them a quick re-polish and a nice cover, and set them free again. “Mummy Powder” is the second of those. (“Babysitting the Taran-Saurus” was the first.)

Reading it again, I still like this story quite a bit and hope it will find a fresh audience.

To maybe whet your appetite, here’s the “cover” copy:

There’s a tremendous amount of money to be made in ancient Egyptian artifacts.

There’s a tremendous amount of danger involved in curses if you believe in them, and sometimes even if you don’t.

Displeasing a resurrected ancient pharaoh holds a terror all its own.

And here’s the cover:

Just in case the feature image thing doesn’t work.

Prep is done. Some uploads and it should be available as an ebook next weekend.

Be well, everyone.

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