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“Behind False Doors” Cover Reveal

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Okay, so “reveal” is only the right word if you’ve noticed that it’s up on Amazon (.com and .ca and others) and the serial version has started on Wattpad.

I’m big into minimalist covers right now, and this one certainly qualifies. The mop is relevant, though it doesn’t really speak to the title.

While the main character is a vampire, this isn’t a horror story. It’s not even, for the most part, all that dark as our protagonist settles into a new job that fits his undead lifestyle. At 8,300 words, it’s a short novelette, and hopefully a nice read for anyone who picks it up.

The “cover” copy:

The modern world is tough for a vampire who just wants to live his life unnoticed and unmolested. His friends age while he doesn’t, he’s got too many allergies and too many limits on what he can do. And even a vampire needs a place to live, so he’s got to have a job to pay the bills.

When you can only work it night, it’s tough to find a job, so when a position for a night janitor opens up at a nearby high school, he jumps on it. But it isn’t long before he discovers that even a high school can have secrets.

And the cover:

And, like I said, it’s already available.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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