A Daughter’s Birthday

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In the ongoing saga of, “When did I get so old?”, today is my oldest daughter’s th birthday. In every way marked by our society, she’s now a legal adult.

I try not to blog about my kids’ major life events too often, at least partly for privacy concerns, but there are certain milestones that are a big deal, and nineteen is one of them. Strictly speaking, nineteen is absolutely one of them as it takes away the last handful of things that our society puts a legal age minimum on, mainly:

  • Buy/consume alcohol, cigarettes, or cannabis products
  • Buy lottery tickets or go to a casino
  • Adopt a pet from the SPCA

Things that no longer require parental permission:

  • Get married
  • Get a driver’s licence
  • Join the CAF
  • Leave Home
  • Legal Name Change

A couple of oddball things:

  • Enter a binding contract
  • Sue or be sued on your own

So, yes, nineteen is a big deal. I’ve watched this wonderful young woman grow from a newborn through all the trials and tribulations of her own personal childhood and adolescence, working to understand her as much as I can. While I certainly don’t consider my job done, and won’t as long as she feels she needs me, this is when she can truly step away in any direction she feels it right to do so.

Happy birthday, Little One. I can’t wait to see how you’ll change the world.

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