I’m Not Reading As Much As I Have Been

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Reading has been part of my daily routine forever. Over breakfast, before bed, standing in line at the grocery store. And while I’ve gone through periods in my life where I wasn’t reading as much due to commitments and responsibilities and children’s activities, it’s never gone away.

But I haven’t been reading much lately. At least, not fiction.

At the beginning of the shutdown, and even before, my fiction reading had spiked. Between my last day of work and the 18th of May, I read 12 books and I’ve got several more in progress, all at least half-read, that I mostly haven’t touched in the last two weeks.

It’s not intentional.

Other events have intervened and I’m consuming media, mainstream and independent, at a furious rate. Articles and podcasts and journals. I’m still reading, but there’s not a lot of fiction involved. Hardly any, really, except the slush pile stuff for Bards and Sages, and I tend to come in right at deadline on that.

But that’s okay. The fiction will come back, probably gradually. Right now, I need to know more and I need to learn more and I need to understand more. Reasons are likely fairly obvious. If they’re not, well, have a look at the list of podcasts I posted a week or so ago {link}. You’ll get caught up pretty quick.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

And remember that Black Lives Matter is a minimum.

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