Seven Days of Selfies

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As time goes on and the list slowly grows shorter and I spend more and more time by myself, I have to find new challenges and new ways to entertain myself.

This week, I’m going to try to take a selfie every day.

Which is a weird challenge for me. I do the occasional selfie with Ollie, but that’s more for a picture with him than it is for a picture with me. Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to see how we’re basically the same size.

The last time I did any significant amount of selfies was for Movember a couple of years back. Before that… here and there. More often, I’m joining the picture as my wife takes one.

This will be a little different. Seven days, in a row, involved in seven different activities. Still have to figure how I’m going to work some of them out. Yes, that means there’s a plan. I’m not going to post them here each day, but I’ll probably do a wrap up with all seven when it’s done. And then I’ll need a new challenge of some kind.

There are probably more pictures of me than I think there are, but I don’t feel like a lot of them are active ones.

Maybe my great-grandchildren will appreciate it someday.

Day one, after my first shave in more than a week. Captioned: “Smoother than an android’s bottom.” A Star Trek reference, of course.

Stay safe, and be well, everyone.

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Learning from his children how to follow his dreams again, Lance has long since allowed his writing to slip over the border into obsession, and typically has too many projects in progress. Dividing his time between traditional and independent publishing, he still finds time for spirited discussions with the technology around him,

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