Seven Days of Selfies – Recap

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I mentioned I was doing this last Monday and threatened that I’d do a recap when it was done. Here’s me following through on that threat.

Monday – Me after my first shave in more than a week.

Tuesday – me standing in front of one of the raised gardens I built in May

Wednesday – me shopping with a mask

Thursday – me after a kobudo class

Friday – me outside the blood donor clinic

Saturday – me at the beach while my wife swims

Sunday – me with one of my current projects, a wing chun dummy

All a bit of a change from my occasional selfie-with-pet. #7DaysOfSelfies. For those selfies, pet pictures, other projects, occasional demonstrations of my forays into cooking, and once in a while a book cover from something I’ve done, you can find me on Instagram as RenaissanceNinja.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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Learning from his children how to follow his dreams again, Lance has long since allowed his writing to slip over the border into obsession, and typically has too many projects in progress. Dividing his time between traditional and independent publishing, he still finds time for spirited discussions with the technology around him,

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