Wing Chun Dummy Update

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A few days ago, I detailed most of the DIY martial arts equipment I’ve crafted for myself. I left out a couple of things, like the gripping jars (nigiri game), but since those are really just pickle jars of a certain lid size with sand poured into them until they reach a certain weight, they’re not all that exciting to look at.

The last thing I put in that post is the current project, the simplified Wing Chun training dummy, and I thought I’d put a bit of an update on that. When last we saw the dummy, it looked like this:

Now, after a couple of coats of a nice red stain (and drying overnight), varnish (and drying overnight), and the appropriate padding added, it looks like this:

And I’ll be hanging it in the garage tomorrow morning, a couple of feet over from my wall-mounted tire makiwara.

The home dojo is slowly coming together. Someday, I hope to have stolen half the garage for training purposes. Right now, I’ve got about a quarter of it. The other quarter will take time as there’s still a lot of stuff to deal with.

But I’m happy with the results so far, even if I don’t necessarily want to share pictures of the whole thing.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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Learning from his children how to follow his dreams again, Lance has long since allowed his writing to slip over the border into obsession, and typically has too many projects in progress. Dividing his time between traditional and independent publishing, he still finds time for spirited discussions with the technology around him,

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