Star Trek Sunday: Voyages, Volume 1

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I first had the idea to write a few Star Trek stories of my own a year or so before the 50th anniversary of the first TOS airing. Life intervened, of course, as did other interests and responsibilities, and by the time I managed to get the first draft of the last of the seven initial stories, it was only about two weeks until that anniversary and it seemed like there wasn’t a lot of stress to get them ready for anything. Editing the stories was done in brief spurts across the next couple of years.

In the meantime, I’d also drafted a novel-length story, Fractured Unity, and did most of the editing for both that and the shorter stories in one stretch of time, during which I also converted A Matter of Honour from audio drama script form into a rough novel-length story.

A second batch of stories followed that second novel. There are only four in that batch, but two of them peak into novelette territory and the other two push deep into novella (short novel) length. I’m just starting to edit the first of those.

And I have a third group of stories planned, with the germs of ideas, moving back to shorter lengths again, generally in the 5-10k word count range, depending on how much the characters make me explore.

After that, we’ll see.

But I guess that means there will be at least three volumes in the Star Trek: Voyages group of collections for me.

And the first one is available for download right now. If you’d rather, they can all be downloaded individually on this page or you can read them on Wattpad. This file is if you’d rather have them all in one spot. It’s a shorter collection in terms of overall wordcount, but still gives you more than 66k words of reading across the seven stories. The next volume will probably wind up being a little longer and since I haven’t even started writing the third batch of stories yet, it’s hard for me to guess at the overall length there.

The usual caveat when playing in someone else’s universe without explicit permission or direction: the stories in this volume are works of fan fiction taking place in the Star Trek prime universe, ranging between late in the Original Series timeline and just before the beginning of The Motion Picture. All of these stories are freely available to download or read on Wattpad. The rights to Star Trek and all associated names and characters are held by CBS-Paramount and no infringement is intended.”

Live long and prosper.

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