Publishing Goals For 2021

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Like the writing goals for this year, the publishing ones are significant. But they’re also a lot more organized than last year. With the exception of the short fiction piece, all works to be published I’ve been picked out already.

Also like the writing goals, there are standard goals, stretch goals, and super-stretch goals. The rough details:

  1. Short Fiction, which, for publishing purposes, I define as anything shorter than a short novel (novella), but I generally won’t do something under about 5k words by itself.
    1. Goal = 6
    1. Stretch = 9
    1. Super-Stretch =12
  2. Long Fiction. The definition for novella or short novel varies depending on who you ask. For me, stuff that hits the various definitions tends to be on the order of 20,000 words or more. So that’s this category, more or less.
    1. Goal = 4
    1. Stretch = 5
    1. Super-Stretch = 6
  3. Collections. Either a group of short stories or a gathering of poetry. Both things fit in here.
    1. Goal = 1
    1. Stretch = 2
    1. Super-Stretch = 3
  4. Fanfic. And I’m still enjoying this so why shouldn’t I continue? So far, my efforts here all fall into the Star Trek prime universe in the original series era. The four stories in the standard goal are already drafted and fit in that sandbox. I have some thoughts in a different vein, though, so I might explore a whole different universe at some point.
    1. Goal = 4
    1. Stretch = 6
    1. Super-Stretch = 8

There may be secret goals here. Well, there are a couple, but they’ll stay secret until the unlikely event comes to pass that they’re within striking distance.

Marketing, such as it is, should get a mention while we’re at it. I don’t consider most of this marketing, just a natural extension of my writing efforts.

  1. The Blog continues, of course. Whether anyone actually reads it or not is irrelevant. It’s a nice outlet for me.
  2. Facebook is what it is. Expected, perhaps, but also not a big chunk of time, so why not? I know the blog gets a few clicks through from it.
  3. Newsletter. I keep promising this and I really want to do it. I’ve picked the software and I’ve roughed out the format
  4. Instagram is going to come back when I get a new phone momentarily. This is as much just fun as anything else.

There may be a secret goal here, too. Maybe more than one. Whether those come about will depend a lot on the student thing.

Actually, how much progress I make on anything listed here depends a lot on the student thing, which has got to be my primary focus for the next several years, and I honestly won’t be sure just how many of my waking hours that’s going to involve until my classes begin in May. I’m guessing a lot, but there has to be some time left over, right?

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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