Earth Day 2021

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Happy Earth day to you!

Happy Earth day to you!

Happy Earth day to you-uuuuu!

Happy Earth day to you!

Today was Earth Day. If you didn’t do it last weekend and you didn’t do it today, get outside this weekend and do something nice for the environment you live in. Pick up some garbage you didn’t put there. Plant a tree. Get some stuff in the ground that pollinators will like. Put up some bird houses, bat houses (bats eat mosquitoes by the hundred; you should love them), or butterfly houses. Any of those. All of those. Other things that will put more oxygen out of the air or take more junk out of the world around you.

And post pictures of yourself doing it so other people can see how hard it isn’t.

Then, when you get home, write a polite but angry letter to whatever level of government is appropriate for something that’s been pissing you off. Maybe you think there should be more park land in your city. Maybe there’s a factory belching filth all over your neighbourhood. Maybe the federal government should pass some legislation that targets the 100 corporations that produce 70% of emissions globally and your MP doesn’t have their head stuffed up somewhere we won’t name here.

The point is that there are small things you can do and if enough of us do them the world we be a better place for all of us.

Because the planet doesn’t need us. We need it.

And we need it to continue being capable of sustaining life as we know it.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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