Right, this was supposed to become a static page.

The idea behind this was to find 50 small things I can do 50 of while I’m 50 that will get me to think about things differently, do things differently, see the world differently. Or closer. Or from a new perspective. Or just to make someone happy, even if it’s only me. This is more of a status tracker than the original post, and it will probably get updated irregularly, but it something.

A lot of thought and effort went into this list. It took shape over several months and has already gotten one modification. Well two, sort of.  Under “Random” there was an item labelled “Snow Beings” that had already become “Snow Sculptures” in my head. Problem is, we’re not getting the snow. Either it’s coming in tiny bits at a time or it’s the wrong kind. We’ve had two decent snowfalls of snow you can actually make stuff out of so far, and I completely missed the second one dealing with the removal and some family stuff – the temperature plummeted and it became the hard, crunchy kind before I managed to try to do something out of it. I’ve managed three small snow-humans so far. Not saying I’ve abandoned this completely, but it’s already mid-Feb. I don’t know if it’s even possible unless I do the remaining 47 after the next good snowfall, if we even have one before things start to melt for real in five or six weeks.

Instead, I’ve rediscovered the idea of classics concerts, and I put that into a #50at50 goal a couple of days ago. In fact, I’ve just posted about it. Watching a video, no matter how big the screen and how good the sound system, is certainly not the same thing as actually going to the concert, but it’s as close as I’ll ever get for most of the artists I want to see, and a couple of things on the list happened before I was even born. Still, it appeals both to my sense of nostalgia and my sense of history.

Anyway, here’s where I’m at as of 11 Feb 2021. There are a lot of things with a zero next to them still. It’s early yet.


  1. Poems: 3.
  2. Short Stories: 2. Which should be 3 closing on 4, but I need to finish some handwritten transcriptions.
  3. Draw Pictures. I’m going to count 1 here. It’s a page filled with Star Trek logos and a couple of really bad (though surprisingly recognizable) sketches of the original USS Enterprise.
  4. Selfies. 3 so far, two of them with a pet involved.
  5. Essays and Opinions: 0.


  1. Learn to say hello: 0. I haven’t even sat down to figure out where I’m starting from yet.
  2. Read Books: 2. I also have six on the go at the moment. I’ll catch up.
  3. Watch Documentaries: 2.
  4. Scientific Articles: 0.
  5. Pictures of the area I live in: 0.


  1. New Foods: 4. Being honest, and looking at being in a pandemic. Most of the things that go here I’m going to have to cook myself.
  2. Cook New Things: 11. Since I’m doing most of the cooking, it’s actually not that hard to squeeze one or two new things into the menu each week.
  3. New Music: 0. I could cheat here. The Bangles concert I just watched had them play several songs I’ve never heard before. It also pointed me in the direction of a whole subgenre of rock I didn’t know existed: Paisley Underground. And if the Bangles are a sample, I need to explore there.
  4. Concerts: 1. So far. And the Bangles were awesome. They probably still are.
  5. New Places: 0. Pandemic, right.
  6. Old Places: 0:


  1. Random Gifts. How do I count this? If I bring home a slushie from the corner store for each of the three kids, is that 3 or 1? Should have reasoned this one out more, maybe.
  2. Family Dinners: 2. The count is muddy here, too. Sundays haven’t been happening at the table as someone is working on a giant jigsaw puzzle at one end and someone else is working on some electronics stuff at the other. But we’ve taken food together while watching a movie or chilling in the living room. I’m officially counting two birthday dinners, but the rest is weird.
  3. Photos: 0. Unless you count pets, but that’s separate.
  4. Pet Pics: 6. I’ve taken more, but I think I’m counting events here. If I take half a dozen pictures of someone doing something cute, it will count as one.
  5. Activities: 1. These are whole-family activities, and it’s tough to get five people on the same page for long.


  1. Random Acts of Kindness: 2.
  2. Support Independent Projects: 0.
  3. Books into the wild: 0.
  4. Political Letters: 2. So far. I’m annoyed about a number of things, though.
  5. Hours of Volunteer Work: 0.


  1. Plant Trees: 0. Waiting for spring.
  2. Hike trails: 0. Honestly, I like the cold less than I used to. I’m going outside, but I’m not going to count circuits of the backyard or walking to the corner store for a little exercise in this one.
  3. ID Animals: 0.
  4. Names of Stars: 0.
  5. Plant things for Pollinators: 0.


  1. Tenets of Life. I’m building the list. It needs a lot of fleshing out and a lot of writing yet.
  2. Send Postcards: 0.
  3. Journal Entries: 1.
  4. Logic Puzzles: 0. Hmm. I need a book or something.
  5. Games of Chess: 0.


  1. Push-ups in a Row: 20. As in I’m up to 20 as part of the daily routine. I haven’t actually tested where my arms give out yet.
  2. Kata in a Day: 25. But that’s not super-unusual. If I have a good workout of my own and attend a class, it’s not even abnormal.
  3. Trips to the Makiwara: 5. Not quite once per week. Not so good.
  4. Rounds of Yoga: 4.
  5. Curls for Reps. Oops. I’m supposed to track this.


  1. Virtual SF Convention Panels: 0. I’ve built the list but haven’t actually started to watch yet.
  2. Origami Animals: 0.
  3. Quotes That Speak to Me: 1.
  4. Place Geocaches: 0. And, to be honest, I haven’t even logged into the site this year. I don’t seem to have any big desire to cache in the winter this year.

Travel Random, Part 2

  1. Visit the graves of ancestors and relatives: 0.
  2. Dad Jokes: 1.
  3. Give things away: 0.
  4. Pick Up Garbage: 0.
  5. Read My Spam: 12. Only one foray into the folders so far, and it was far less entertaining than I’d hoped.

Stay tuned, and stay safe and be well, everyone.