Short Fiction

“Interview With a  Modern Vampire”, Planet Relish (2003)

“The Monkey is Only Bait”, Everyday Weirdness (22 Aug 2009)

“Searching for the Sea Monster”, Dead Bait, Severed Press (Sep 2009)

“Absence of Garlic”, Bards & Sages Quarterly, Issue 4 (Oct 2009)

“The Helgron Speak”, Bards & Sages Quarterly, Issue 7 (Apr 2010)

“On Schedule”, Alienskin, Apr/May 2010 (Apr 2010)

“Cliffs of God”, Bards and Sages Quarterly, Issue 9 (Oct 2010)

“Common Ground”, Alienology: Tales of the Void, Library of Horror Press (May 2011)

“The Guardian of Xarg”, Flagship Magazine (Jun 2011)

“The Bacon Cometh”, Baconology Library of Horror Press (Jul 2011)

“Worm Bait”, Dead Bait 3, Severed Press (ebook, Jun 2012)

“Mission Log, Day 67”, At Year’s End, Kazka Press (ebook, Dec 2012)

“Dragonomics”, Cast of Wonders, Episode 76, (Apr 2013)

“Strength of Stone“, Sorcerous Signals, May-Jul 2013 (May 2013)

“Strength of Stone“, Mystic Signals, Issue 18 (May 2013) (May 2013)

“Natural Order”, Legends and Lore, Xychler Publishing (Oct 2014)

“It’s Always a Full Moon”, Wicked Enticements, Phoenix Fire Publishing (Dec 2014)

“Waiting For Spring”, Mystic Moon, Phoenix Fire Publishing (Dec 2014)

“Dragonomics”, The Dragon’s Hoard, Sky Warrior Books (Jun 2015)

“Scientific Method”, Zombified III, Sky Warrior Books(Jul 2015)

“With Only Necessary Exactness”, Alien Abduction, Robot Cowgirl Press (Oct 2015)

“Port Town”, Golden Age, Long Count Press (forthcoming)


And Yet in Death, Rigor Amortis, (Oct 2010)

Web Serials

Thorvald’s Wyrd

Turn the World Around

Branch Santa

Mummy Powder

Babysitting the Taran-Saurus

Note: none of the links to Amazon or other booksellers are affiliate links at the moment. I have considered it, but decided against the idea for now. Perhaps when I start my own publishing house.

Another note: there haven’t been a lot of short fiction submissions in the last several years. That may change in 2019.

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