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    My Youngest Child is Now a Legal Adult

    by So the 50th birthday is supposed to make you feel old in some ways, yes? It does that for most of us at least a little, I think. At age 50, you look around at your friends and see how old they’re getting and you look at your parents if they’re still with you, and you’re forcibly reminded of your own mortality. You’re getting older. But you know what’s worse? Having your youngest child experience the birthday that makes them a legal adult, and that’s today. Wow. Yeah, now I feel old. Today, I’m letting my mind roll back over all those moments, good and bad. First words, first…

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    Spam Ahoy!

    by First foray into the spam folder. This #50at50 goal might be easily accomplished but also less interesting than I’d hoped. I have two primary email accounts, one Gmail which I’ve had for a few years and channel a couple of things to, and one Hotmail, which I’ve had for longer than I’ve had my children and keep because it’s a point of contact that most family has in an emergency, even the ones I don’t have on social media. So I thought I’d try this first foray into the world of spam looking at the last 24 hours in my spam folders, cutting off at the time I’m writing…

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    50s Bucket List

    by This is going to be a really, really long post, even longer than yesterday’s, and it will become the basis for a static page as well, so there will always be somewhere to look and keep myself honest about progress here. You may or may not want to read the whole thing in one go. This is sort of paired with yesterday’s post (#50at50) but covers very different ground. The idea of a bucket list isn’t a new one, even for me. I’ve had one since I was about 40, but I haven’t made a lot of progress on it. Some, but not nearly as much as I’d like…

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    by A half century is apparently a big deal and should probably be marked in some way. There are as many ways to do this as there are people who turn fifty, I expect, but for myself, I want to mark it as a year of personal growth. Aside from being the year where I start to make real progress on the bucket list, as cliché as that might sound these days (and more on that tomorrow), I want to do a lot of little things that add to the world around me and make that world just a little bit better, even if the target of some of those…

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    Happy Birthday To Me

    by Well, it seems to work that if you survive enough orbits around the sun, you start to hit some larger numbers. Some of those are considered milestones. I hit one of those today. 50. I don’t, at least for myself, have a particularly strong connection to birthdays. Yesterday I was 49. Today, I’m 50. While I’d planned to have a big party for my 50th, that was more for other people than for me. We all need reasons to celebrate, especially lately. But COVID goes on and continues putting everything on hold. Maybe next year. Or whenever. We’d planned something big for our 25th anniversary this past May and…

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    Joyous Yule!

    by Happy 5th Day of Yule. Or, as a lot of you are probably calling it, Christmas. I’m not going to rehash my reasoning for our departure from the standard Christmas model. I’m not going to worry about which of the myriad of holidays, traditional or otherwise, you might want to celebrate. Be happy, be healthy, be well. Merry <insert solstice-ish holiday of choice here>! by

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    Happy Solstice, Everyone!

    by I’m going to be honest with you, I hate Christmas. Really. Oh, there’s the germ of several holidays still contained in it, but what our society has done to Christmas is more or less disgusting when you look at it with a little bit of objectivity, whether you want some version of the original pagan celebration, the Christianized version, the Roman Saturnalia, or some other standard that we’ve commercialized until all that’s left is that commercialism at a societal level, whatever anyone might think. Christmas is a financial transaction that dominates a full sixth of our calendar on its own and its aftermath pushes into the new year. We…

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    Oldest’s Birthday

    by Under the heading of, “Today I feel old”, my oldest child turned 22 today. Twenty-two years ago today at 0142 in the morning, my son joined our family. It was a good day, COVID notwithstanding. Sushi, cake, presents, bad movies, and he won a League of Legends tournament. Twenty-two years after that dark winter night. 8,036 days later. So many events, so many memories, so many years. Happy birthday, my son. by

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    I’ve been forced to temporarily abandon Instagram.

    by Well, forced might be a strong word. It’s probably obvious to anyone I regularly interact with on that platform that I haven’t been there for a bit. It isn’t because I don’t want to be, but has something to do with the nature of the app on my phone and the damage my phone suffered during a recent adverse impact event in the driveway when someone was carrying it into the house balanced precariously on top of a bunch of other things instead of sticking it in their pocket. The point of the matter is that most of the functionality of the app lies in a spot where the…

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    Ocular Health

    by I’ve been wearing glasses since I was twenty. I’ll be fifty shortly. That means things can be rounded off to thirty years. I’m nearsighted, meaning things get fuzzier as they get farther away, but about three years ago, I had to bite the bullet and move to multi-focals. Sure, I could have gone to just bifocals with that ugly line across the middle, but in for a penny, in for a pound, right? They took a bit of getting used to, but I’m happy with the result. You see, it was affecting my reading. The book, or ebook capable device, was staring to have to get farther from my…