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    by I don’t keep it a secret that I write some fanfiction, and so far it’s all set in the Star Trek prime universe. Nearly all of it is in or surrounds The Original Series time frame. I have written several pieces that happen in an overlap with the TOS/TAS timeline, in certain ways filling a few gaps in, and a few things in the time after the five-year mission but before TMP starts. The story I am currently drafting takes place a couple of years before the James T. Kirk five-year mission and not on the Enterprise. I have plans for a couple of stories in the TWOK era…

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    Editing Woes

    by So I still haven’t missed a day logging some writing activity since my last day at the casino when the first COVID shut down happened in March of 2020. In 2021, however, most of my writing time has been spent slowly editing a set of novels, the Troll World Quintet, formerly Quartet. I track editing not by time spent, but by net word count change. That means I have some days where I spend an hour editing and the net word count change is a single digit number. More frequently, it’s several hundred, either because I am removing significant portions of a scene and rewriting to make it better,…

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    #7DayFlashFictionChallenge – Day Seven

    by Tonight’s flash is a bit different. The image I chose gave me something to work towards rather than the starting point for the story, and by the time I got there, I used it as a passing image without any real description. Which is too bad. It’s a beautiful image. Thirty-five minutes and forty-six seconds to come up with this 882-word flash piece. To me, on the post-writing read through, it seems like it’s over very, very quickly without getting much of a chance to do more than startle the reader. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Playing with the saucer cliché, I briefly thought about using…

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    #7DayFlashFictionChallenge – Day Six

    by #7DayFlashFictionChallenge – Day Six Continuing to mess with expectations, today’s flash piece is an attempt to work with a Memoir format. If I planned to keep this up for longer, I’d probably through a whole bunch of genres at the mental wall to see what sticks. Last night’s story was Horror wasn’t, but I think this one stayed truer to what I wanted when I started typing. Memories need to be taken out and dusted off once in a while or they might get lost. Sometimes, they need to be examined for truths beyond the memories themselves. Thirty minutes and thirty-nine seconds by the stop watch to consolidate this…

  • Blood splatter around an old drain.

    #7DayFlashFictionChallenge – Day Five

    by With everything else going on, and particularly school and the launch of Ancient Runes, I probably could have been forgiven if I’d skipped today on this, but I didn’t want to. A challenge is a challenge, even if I’ve set it for myself, and it’s not too late yet, or it wasn’t when I started. Yesterday, I mentioned I was going to muck with the alternating SF and Fantasy stories. My thought was to push myself a bit and toss in a couple of other genres. I decided to go with Horror for tonight, though left to my own devices I never read it or watch it. That probably…

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    Launch Day for Ancient Runes

    by It’s launch day! Which means that Ancient Runes is no longer listed as pre-order anywhere. Instead, it’s immediate delivery for ebooks and Amazon-speed shipping if you’re after the paperback (which appears to be Prime eligible for those interested). I haven’t really done a launch before, being more focused on building up a bit of a title list over the last two years so that there’s some selection to go with my name. Product before presence, which seems to be the opposite of normal these days. At this moment, Ancient Runes is novel number 6 available, and there are a dozen shorter ebooks and three collections (one of poetry) to…

  • Mist rising out of the marsh around a boardwalk.

    #7DayFlashFictionChallenge – Day Four

    by A little earlier today, but it’s my wedding anniversary, so the evening is spoken for. Today’s random image, attached to this post, brought me the following piece of flash fiction. By the stopwatch, it took 43 minutes and 59 seconds to write. According to Word, it’s 995 words long. Can’t get too much closer to the 1000-word mark, can I? I seem to be alternating between Science Fiction and Fantasy so far, which is unusual for me for the last couple of years. As I noted back before New Year’s (link), my reading in the last four or five years has been closer to an 80-20 split. A quick…

  • Woman in space suit with her helmet unsealed but still on.

    #7DayFlashFictionChallenge – Day Three

    by Different site for a random picture today and at the same time a little less random. I was in a SF kind of mood (hardly unusual), so when I went to Pexels.com (my other favourite royalty-free photo site), I typed in “astronaut” and scrolled through until I found one that grabbed me, coming up with the feature image on this post. Sliding it over to the secondary monitor, I opened up a fresh Word document and started typing. 43 minutes and 28 seconds later, I had the 975-word flash piece you find below. I’m having a really hard time sticking to the original target of 250-500 words, aren’t I?…

  • Ice Giant & Subdued Dragon

    #7DayFlashFictionChallenge – Day Two

    by Less preamble today. It’s getting late. Well, for me. Direct Pixabay search using the word “fantasy” and a random number between 1 and 100 (there are 100 images per page) as provided by Excel to pick something on the first page gave me this image. That image gave the basic inspiration for the following very short story. Stopwatch said 38 minutes and 51 seconds when I decided it was done at 946 words. Stay safe and be well, everyone. Three Drops of Blood at the Dragon’s Mouth Manik leaned forward and yelled in Shindra’s ear. “What is that?” Her eyes followed his pointing finger, but she already knew what…

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    #7DayFlashFictionChallenge – Day One

    by Just before typing up this post, I wrote the first story in the #7DayFlashFictionChallenge I mentioned a couple of hours ago. It went pretty well, and I’m happy with the result. For the inspiration factors, I went to Random Pictures, which pulls a user-selected number of random royalty-free images from Pixabay at the click of a button. I set the number of pictures I wanted to three, clicked the button, stared at the pictures for a minute, and then left them visible on my secondary monitor as I started typing. I completely blew past the 250-500 word range I quoted in my post about this mini-project, finishing at about…