Available Fiction

This page will hopefully grow significantly over the next year, but here’s a list of currently available fiction online.

Original Fiction

“Babysitting the Taran-Saurus” – a SF novelette  here or on Wattpad. About to get a new cover.

“Mummy Powder” – 6700- words of not quite horror. Originally posted as a series of blog posts. Here’s the index.

“Thorvald’s Wyrd” – a 13,000 word novelette told in drabble-length scenes (exactly 100 words each) borrowing liberally from Norse mythology. Indexed here on an old version of my blog. Soon to be appearing on Wattpad and as a full-fledged e-book.

Turn the World Around – At 35,000 words, it’s not quite a short novel, but maybe not too far off. Index

Fan Fiction in the Star Trek Prime Universe

“Between a Rock and a Klingon” – 21k worth of Lieutenant Chekov adventure. Currently serializing on Wattpad where I’m trying to put up a scene every day until it’s done. Here’s a PDF version of the story: Between a Rock and a Klingon.

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