Free Fiction

This page will hopefully grow significantly over the next few years, but here’s a list of currently available fiction online. Everything listed here has been released (or in two cases is currently releasing) through Wattpad. You can find all of my stuff there, including a bit of Star Trek fan fiction, at

Original Fiction

“Babysitting the Taran-Saurus” – a SF noveletteĀ  with a beautiful new cover, if I say so myself.

“Mummy Powder” – 6700- words of not quite horror. Originally posted as a series of blog posts. Here’s theĀ index.

“Thorvald’s Wyrd” – a 13,000 word novelette told in drabble-length scenes (exactly 100 words each) borrowing liberally from Norse mythology. Indexed here on an old version of my blog.

Turn the World Around – At 35,000 words, a short novel. Science Fiction, adventure, and some Muppet references.

Skip to My Luu – a full-length SF novel. A group of university friends decide to go into the asteroid mining business.

“Trollsign” – Urban Noir novelette. A crime needs solving, but it’s a lot more personal than Rob suspects.

Heroes Inc. – volume 1 of a superhero trilogy. Armed with an IT degree and a super suit that makes him almost indestructible, our hero goes out into the world to fight crime and the forces of darkness. He still needs a superhero name, though.

“Behind False Doors” – the modern world is tough for a vampire who isn’t already hundreds of years old and rich. You take the work you can get.

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