Project List

Yeah, I totally forgot this page was here. Current Works in Progress and a couple of things I’m planning shortly:

  1. Palace 1st Draft Рthe third book in the poorly named Troll World Quartet. Or maybe the fourth. The second one ran very long and might have a good splitting point.
  2. The Welkiri Corps 1st Draft – I thought this was going to be a novelette when I started, but I’m pantsing it, watching things grow, and enjoying the world it’s in. This may, in fact, wind up being a short novel.
  3. Hero’s Life Final Draft – second book in the Citizen trilogy
  4. The Undead editing – this is a collection of (mostly) less traditional stories featuring undead characters or settings.
  5. Haiku Collection – needs some photography and layout.
  6. Fractured Unity editing – this is my Star Trek TOS fan fic novel, converted from audio drama scripts. I’d love to turn it into an actual audio drama someday, but the possibility for that always seems to be “next year”.
  7. Battlefield 1st Draft – which I’ll start the day after the Palace first draft is finished. Last book in the set.
  8. I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again – a non-fiction book regarding the 1960s BBC radio series of that name. Final title to be more clever.
  9. Plotting for the as many as four novel-length projects I hope to draft next year.
  10. Editing the Troll World novels as a group. This will probably take a lot of time.

I’ll try to update this a little more often, but there’s a much larger plan than I’ve listed here.

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