Project List


Subject to revision based on progress and life, this is my aggressive writing plan for 2014.

The Godhead Trilogy

Three novels originally estimated at 100k each. The first came in at 126k. I’m 56k into the second and now projecting it at 118k. This is a big, sprawling story that keeps growing in the telling as I fill in holes I didn’t realize I hadn’t plotted. I hope to finish the second book before year’s end, and the third is now on next year’s list, but there are a couple of other stories I want to write first.

Universal Destiny

A short SF novel I drafted last fall, it stands at 61,034 words but will likely come in around 80k once I’ve fixed the issues and fleshed things out a bit. My first drafts tend to be very bare bones. I’d still like to take this one to a final draft this year, which makes it my major editing project between now and Christmas.

Scattered on the Wind

I’ve decided I might like to try NaNoWriMo this year, for the first time since 2010, and I’ve had the skeleton of a YA SF story tumbling around in my head for a while. Working title is Scattered on the Wind, and it’s a colonization story, sort of. My writing schedule (i.e. life) doesn’t currently allow a lot of writing on the weekends, so I’m actually going to try writing this story in 20 days instead of 30. Trying to stretch myself.

Novelette Project

This started out as me playing in some Fantasy subgenres and picking the novelette length to let things work out a bit. You’ll note that only one of the four (originally three) stories stayed inside the novelette length of 7,500 to 17,500 words. The third left a lot out and will probably get much longer in later drafts. The fourth, which looked like it would hit 20k, had an unecessary scene removed (as in not written) near the end.

  • Trollsign (12,536 words of an estimated 10,000)
  • Last of the Sorcerer Kings (21,465 words of an estimated 15,000)
  • A Gathering of Heroes (22,031 words of an estimated 15,000)
  • Company of the Dead (18,202 words of an estimated 15,000)

I feel like there are still a few more Fantasy subgenres I’d like to explore in this length, so this project probably isn’t over yet, but I intend to edit these to final draft this year as well.

The Undead Project

Zombies and vampires get all the screen time, but there are far more varieties of undead to build stories around. That’s the goal here, and not so much for horror as I don’t really write horror, but to explore some ideas, concepts, and characters. There will be zombies and vampires, but lots of other creatures as well, corporeal and not. Projecting 100,000 words or so of finished fiction across 20-ish short stories and as many flash pieces. Progress on this one has been staggered, but I’m happy with the drafts of most of the stories. Fair warning, I don’t really do an awful lot of horror, and most of what I’ve written for this collection doesn’t fall into that bucket.

Speculative Emotion

Ever heard of Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions? It’s an interesting way of looking at the emotional range available. My basic thought is a story for each emotion in each circle which, in the given structure, means 32 tales. I don’t expect to finish this in 2014. I do hope to start it after I’ve drafted the last of the Undead stories.

And Beyond!

There is a plan beyond this year, and I have specific projects, both novel length and collection, planned for the next several, and a lot of them. But that list doesn’t remotely exhaust the list of larger stories I want to write just at the moment. Maybe if I had the ability to spend 8-10 hours solely on writing activities per day, I could catch up in four or five years, by which point I think I’d have a lot more ideas to try finding time for. You’ll note I haven’t included publishing or audio. This is on purpose, but there’s a plan there, too. It’s just a little more fluid. Okay, a lot more. But I need to get moving.

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