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    Seven Days of Selfies – Recap

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    I mentioned I was doing this last Monday and threatened that I’d do a recap when it was done. Here’s me following through on that threat.

    Monday – Me after my first shave in more than a week.

    Tuesday – me standing in front of one of the raised gardens I built in May

    Wednesday – me shopping with a mask

    Thursday – me after a kobudo class

    Friday – me outside the blood donor clinic

    Saturday – me at the beach while my wife swims

    Sunday – me with one of my current projects, a wing chun dummy

    All a bit of a change from my occasional selfie-with-pet. #7DaysOfSelfies. For those selfies, pet pictures, other projects, occasional demonstrations of my forays into cooking, and once in a while a book cover from something I’ve done, you can find me on Instagram as RenaissanceNinja.

    Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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