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    TLDR – Back to School

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    The first line of ducks are in a row. Future lines require the success of the first line. However, the first line up is cause for me to announce the Plan.

    The short, short version: I’m going back to school.

    The short version: I’m returning to Post-Secondary education effective January 11th 2021.

    The longer version that doesn’t go into excessive detail: the essential plan is that I intend to achieve a Math and Science degree followed by a B.Ed. and spend the remainder of my professional career as a high school math and/or science teacher. January 11th, because that’s the first day of the next term and even if I’d sent my initial queries the same day, I’d missed all the deadlines to start in Fall term. Plus, due to my ancient academic status being both ancient and not very good, I have to first prove that I can be a good student, so it will take several steps to get back to being a full-time student. In the meantime, the space between now and January will allow me to do some appropriate review towards what I want as well as exploring the option of a solid TEFL certification. Not only will this open up some potential employment possibilities to go with my part-time student status while I’m working my way towards full time, it also opens things up more to potentially teaching overseas for a year here and there, which has also been a dream for a long time.

    I’ve wanted to go back to school for a really long time and I’ve been talking about this basic version of it as the dream for more than a decade, to the point where it was almost the first thing my wife said to me when we learned the company was buying me out. She decided it might be possible almost before I’d started to think about what my reboot might look like. Pretty amazing woman.

    So there’s the news. Higher education. I’m going back to it.

    Don’t wish me luck, remind me I need good study habits because I never built those in my youth. I do better these days, but now they need to get applied at a higher level.

    Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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    The Sadness of September

    Facebooktwitterrssyoutubeby featherPosting this, it’s Sunday night before the second week of the school year, and it’s still a bit of a melancholy time for me.

    I don’t really like the whole BTS thing. Yes, kids need an education, but in a time when fewer and fewer of us have so called “standard” work hours, summer is better for seeing your kids.

    I’m not talking about taking vacations, but all the time. During July and August, if I have the day off, so do they. If I’m working nights, they’re probably around when I get up. I get a lot more time with them, even the teenager.

    When they go back to school. That changes.

    Staples/Business Depot has been running an annual ad campaign for something close to two decades now based around the idea that Back To School is the most wonderful time of the year for parents, even using the chorus from that old Christmas song. And I have to wonder about the parents they’re targeting. And they’re absolutely targeting parents, because the parents in these commercials are all overjoyed that the kids are going back to school and the kids always look like they’ve just swallowed a live beetle and can still feel it moving around. See, obviously it’s a great time of the year. Look how happy the adults are at making their kids miserable by sending them somewhere they don’t like being.

    I have this to say: if, as a parent, the best time of the year for you is when you get rid of your kids five days out of seven, why did you have kids? If you really don’t want them around, why did you bring them into the world?

    Yes, they need an education, though I’m increasingly unsure that what the public school system is providing for them qualifies anymore, but the new school year is not a celebration. Mark it, prepare for it, understand it. Don’t celebrate it unless your kids want to. If they don’t, find something else to celebrate with them.

    Bite me, Staples. Bite me.

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