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    December Writing Report

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    “I’m going to try to do the daily blog thing for the rest of December”.

    Well, that lasted a whole three days. <sigh>

    Time to try again, right? We’ll see how it goes.

    As I’m typing this, it’s late in the evening on the 2nd of January. I haven’t posted since the 8th of December. I’d like to be surprised, but then I look back at December, even having had a few days off and making a short trip down into New York state. More on that another day.

    But today, it’s worth noting that I have managed some progress on the editing front. Since that last post on the 8th, I’ve:

    1. Finished the Revision Notes pass on the last of the Troll World novels.
    2. Started and finished the 2nd draft of A Matter of Honour, a Star Trek novel focused around a young Lieutenant Chekov plus assorted characters of my own imagination in the TOS prime universe.
    3. Started the revision notes draft of Big Hair Day, which is about 85% done as of right now. Revision notes is probably the wrong phrasing, even though I am leaving notes, though. I’m also cleaning up and fixing a lot of stuff as I go along. It’s more like I’m doing the second draft first and then I’ll go back and take care of the things I’ve left notes on. I’ll probably have added about 6,000 words to the story between the two.
    4. Tidied up the dictation on five previous journal entries.

    Not a bad few weeks, really. Especially considering I missed three days completely.

    More editing. Lots and lots more. I am going to try to draft a little, starting with the plan of a short and a flash piece each month for the first few months of the year, but most of my creative time is about editing for the next little while.

    And publishing, but more on that another day.

    Be well, everyone.

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    Writing Report, December 2014

    Facebooktwitterrssyoutubeby featherDecember was all about focus. NaNoWriMo type focus, but without NaNoWriMo. A quick summary:

    Novel WIP

    Scattered On the Winddreamstimefree_206298

    Spent a few minutes here and there tidying up the dictation to come up with a final clean word count of 64,779. And that’s 2,457 words higher than when I officially counted the story complete on November 26th.

    The Godhead

    A total of 16,781 words to finish the story off, deliberately truncating three chapters and throwing away one scene entirely, at a much shorter than the first book total of 103,919. The back half of this story was rough and I dragged through the writing. That tells me there’s something majorly wrong with it, but I’m not going to stress too hard about it with things still so fresh in my mind.

    Draugr Rising

    Picking up more or less where I left off, only now with a plot, I put 22,219 words into this in December. That’s actually quite a bit lower than I’d originally hoped, but I took a few days away from fiction writing around Christmas and didn’t even try to make up for it. Because Christmas, that’s why.


    Short Fiction

    Zero words of short fiction. Next question.


    Year of Trek Fiction

    Kind of falling behind here, but still lots of time, I think. A year yet before things get started, right?


    Other Writing

    A little editing and a little plotting for 1,470 words combined. A bunch of blog posts, and a handful of other nonfiction things that no one will ever get to see, for a total of 15,956 words.


    Total for the Month

    It all totals up to a respectable 58,232 words for the month.


    January slides into the new plan which I’ll discuss at some length in a couple of weeks, but the basic goals come down to:

    1. Finishing up the plotting on Becoming Alien, a book that may or may not be the first book of a trilogy, but that I’ve plotted and planned as a stand-alone novel.
    2. Revision notes for Universal Destiny. Yes, really. I hope.
    3. Research for My Cousin Hans has already started, but I’ve got so much to learn about the Danish Resistance in WWII, not to mention WWII itself. And Danish.
    4. Finishing Draugr Rising, which I think has about 20,000 words to go at this point, if I can find the several long hand chapters I’m missing. 30,000 if I can’t.
    5. A modest 12,000 words of short fiction, trying to get back to The Undead.

    Like I said, there’s a new plan for 2015 and I’ll share the details of that in the days ahead, but I’m currently reworking it to fit not just long term goals, but a breadth of writing and other creativity I’d like to provide myself.

    Oh, I’m still crazy, but that’s okay.

    Be well, everyone.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather

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    Writing Report, December 2013 and the Whole of Q4

    Facebooktwitterrssyoutubeby featherSo many words, so little time.

    I’m going to make this a quick post, I hope, as I’ve got a lot to accomplish in the few days I’m off this week, and a lot of it isn’t writing related. As usual, there are numbers involved, so if those bore you, skip ahead to the end. (Note that these are all as of going to bed New Year’s Eve. I did write a little yesterday.)

    December’s targets versus reality:




    Untitled Novelette Project



    Short Fiction: included in Novelette goals


    Godhead, Book 2 plotting



    Short Fiction Cleanup


    Breaking things out:

    1. Untitled Novelette Project scored some significant wordage this month, but isn’t as complete as I’d like. Not regretting the project, as I’m having fun with all of the stories, but it’s turned out to be a slightly larger project than I expected.
      1. “Trollsign”, the second novelette (I’m counting “Thorvald’s Wyrd” as part of the set) is the only one so far to come in inside the word budget of 12-15k (at 12,536).
      2. “Last of the Sorcerer Kings” is actually a novella at 21,465 words.
      3. “A Gathering of Heroes” is scraping at 13.5k mark with fivee scenes to go. This one is going to be a novella, too, and I think it may brush up against 20k.
      4. “Company of the Dead” (the bonus novelette) is a little under 1,900 words and is a couple of hundred words into the third scene (of 15 planned). I still have a small hope that this will stay under 15k, but I’m not holding my breath yet.
      5. The short fiction total got rolled into the main project goal for the month, but I still managed a pair of flash pieces towards the upcoming Undead project.
      6. Barely got the final novel plotting done for The Godhead and, honestly, it isn’t really. Most of one of the three major character arcs is plotted out to the level of one sentence per scene. December has been a busy month. I’m still comfortable to have started drafting this, though.
      7. Short Fiction cleanup saw two final drafts, a third draft, and two second drafts of previously written stories. I also dug out an 11,000-word SF novelette that proved to be surprisingly readable, though suffers from a couple of dated points, but that’s always a risk when you’re writing near future SF. Made a few notes. Short fiction cleanup stays on the list for all of Q1 of 2014, so I’m going to make a run at this one.

    Overall word production:







    Blog Posts




    Which comes to a grand total of 60,907 words for the month, making it the second best month of the quarter, beating November by more than 2,500 words. This in spite of taking three days completely off to look for a new vehicle to replace our aging zombie van and two more for Christmas related activities.

    Not bad at all. And, just because I love numbers, totals for the Experimental Quarter shape up like so:







    Blog Posts




    Totalling 184,485 words. Considering the middle of the year, that’s pretty good in my eyes.

    So while I’ve done some re-forecasting for the first quarter of 2014, I’m not going to lay the whole year out here, just the high points for January.

    1. First draft to begin on The Godhead.
    2. Short fiction work to consist of trying to finish off the two remaining novelettes. “A Gathering of Heroes” should be no problem, but “Company of the Dead” is likely to stretch in February. This pushes the real beginning of the Undead short fiction project (more on which another time) back a month.
    3. And the Short Fiction Cleanup continues.

    I’d originally thought to do revision notes and start the second draft for Universal Destiny, but I’ve decided to hit the short fiction clean up a little harder and let UD rest another month. Aggressive, but that’s okay. Big goals are important as long as you can be happy with the actual achievements on the way. And it can be pretty awesome when you do hit them.

    Be well, everyone.

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