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    Star Trek Sunday: The ST FanFic List

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    So most of this on the page I have dedicated to it, but keeping the Star Trek Sunday trend going, I thought it might be fun to list all of the TOS fanfic I’ve produced so far. There’s a decent amount of it, especially in terms of raw word count, but not a flood. Yet. Give me time. Eventually, all of the ideas I have will turn into stories.

    I’m not going to link to the individual stories that I’ve released, but rather to the dedicated page on this site and to the basic search string on Wattpad that will give you the full list of what’s currently available.

    Breaking things out into groups:

    The Novels

    Fractured Unity:  The Enterprise returns to Cestus 3 more than three years after the events of “Arena” where a peace treaty is about to be signed between the Federation and the Gorn Hegemony. At the moment of signing, both the ceremony and planet are attacked, and the senior ambassadors of both sides taken hostage. The Enterprise is the only ship in a position to pursue, and Kirk is politically forced to accept assistance from his former enemy. A little short of 47,000 words.

    A Matter of Honour: bored during a 6-week stop at Starbase 67 while the Enterprise undergoes major computer system upgrades, Lt. Chekov enrolls in an Advanced Ground Tactics course to further his education and pass the time. When it’s complete, he’s approached for a short-term mission of galactic importance. 46,000 words and change.

    The First Batch of Shorter Stories

    Now collected into a single ebook for your TOS reading pleasure.

    Between a Rock and a Klingon: Separated from the landing party  in an alien nature reserve, Chekov finds himself stuck between the isolationist native sapient species and a group of angry Klingons. 21,000 words.

    “Breath Control”: Set between the end of TOS and the beginning of TMP, Christine Chapel, serving a short tour on the USS Yorktown with a fresh MD and Starfleet Doctor certification, beams down to a colony to find a mysterious disease has all of the colonists unconscious and dying. 6800 words.

    “Career Aspirations”: faced with months of accumulated leave or a new assignment, Lieutenant Commander Sulu decides to take some time off to figure out what he wants to do with the rest of his career. He makes a bucket list of places he wants to see on Earth and tries to enjoy a long, and long-deserved, vacation. Unexpectedly, or maybe unsurprisingly, he runs into someone who needs his help. 11,000 words.

    “Design for Conspiracy”: Commander Montgomery Scott is assigned as the Chief Engineer overseeing the Enterprise’s overhaul before the events of TMP. He’s alarmed at the signs of sabotage he’s seeing during the process and enlists the aid of a young Captain Decker to get to the bottom of things. 4200 words.

    “OCS Bound”: Crewman Kyle is on his way to Officer Candidate School when the aging destroyer he and a number of other cadets are being transported on is attacked by Nausicaan Pirates. 4200 words.

    “Sub-Solar Whispers”: Serving as interim Head of Alpha Shift Communications on Starbase 1, Lieutenant Commander Uhura is offered the short-term command of the science vessel Niels Bohr. Her mission: to investigate the apparently intelligent radio communications coming from deep inside the atmosphere of a Brown Dwarf. 14,000.

    “Wolves and Sheepdogs”: Abused and abandoned by a Romulan agent while on shore leave, Lieutenant Leslie has to find his way out of a deep canyon on an alien planet if he hopes to be rescued. Oh, and he’s being stalked by a local apex predator. 5300 Words.

    The Second Batch of Shorter Stories

    Since I’m very early in the editing process for these right now and due to life events that process may get stretched out quite a bit, I’m not going to put estimated word counts on them, just the length classification of novelette or short novel (novella).

    Interrupted Shore Leave. While the Enterprise is docked at a Starbase 23 for a week’s worth of shore leave for the entire crew, the Romulans test a new experimental weapon in the system. Short novel.

    Pride of Andor. The Enterprise discovers the USS Pride of Andor, a ship crewed almost entirely by Andorians, dead in space, her crew apparently dead as well lined up neatly in the shuttle bay. Lieutenant Commander Endilev, Doctor McCoy, and Lieutenant Chekov take a boarding party to solve the mystery of what happened to the ship. Short novel.

    “Smog Alert”. With Sulu in command while Kirk and Spock are at a conference, the Enterprise intercepts a planetary alert from nearby New Aberdeen, finding a strange alien ship in orbit dumping huge quantities of pollutants into the atmosphere. Novelette.

    “Tholian Rescue”. The Enterprise responds to a distress call to find a small Tholian vessel with injured crew and failing life support, and just barely in neutral space. Doctor McCoy has some new biology to figure out to keep them alive. Novelette.

    The Third Batch of Shorter Stories

    This group isn’t written yet. Or even plotted. There’s a logline of an idea for each story, but I’m unlikely to start drafting them until next year.

    So, secrets, but I’m going to branch out to look in on other occasional or supporting characters including Janice Rand, Dr. M’Benga, Lieutenant Commander DeSalle, and others.

    But it’s going to be a little while before you get to see these. Hope I can keep you entertained in the meantime.

    Live long and prosper.

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    Star Trek Sunday: Voyages, Volume 1

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    I first had the idea to write a few Star Trek stories of my own a year or so before the 50th anniversary of the first TOS airing. Life intervened, of course, as did other interests and responsibilities, and by the time I managed to get the first draft of the last of the seven initial stories, it was only about two weeks until that anniversary and it seemed like there wasn’t a lot of stress to get them ready for anything. Editing the stories was done in brief spurts across the next couple of years.

    In the meantime, I’d also drafted a novel-length story, Fractured Unity, and did most of the editing for both that and the shorter stories in one stretch of time, during which I also converted A Matter of Honour from audio drama script form into a rough novel-length story.

    A second batch of stories followed that second novel. There are only four in that batch, but two of them peak into novelette territory and the other two push deep into novella (short novel) length. I’m just starting to edit the first of those.

    And I have a third group of stories planned, with the germs of ideas, moving back to shorter lengths again, generally in the 5-10k word count range, depending on how much the characters make me explore.

    After that, we’ll see.

    But I guess that means there will be at least three volumes in the Star Trek: Voyages group of collections for me.

    And the first one is available for download right now. If you’d rather, they can all be downloaded individually on this page or you can read them on Wattpad. This file is if you’d rather have them all in one spot. It’s a shorter collection in terms of overall wordcount, but still gives you more than 66k words of reading across the seven stories. The next volume will probably wind up being a little longer and since I haven’t even started writing the third batch of stories yet, it’s hard for me to guess at the overall length there.

    The usual caveat when playing in someone else’s universe without explicit permission or direction: the stories in this volume are works of fan fiction taking place in the Star Trek prime universe, ranging between late in the Original Series timeline and just before the beginning of The Motion Picture. All of these stories are freely available to download or read on Wattpad. The rights to Star Trek and all associated names and characters are held by CBS-Paramount and no infringement is intended.”

    Live long and prosper.

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    Psst! Do you like fanfic?

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    In particular, Star Trek fanfic?

    I’ve got two available now. And more on the way.

    So far, there are two of seven shorts available, and there will be a novel in there somewhere, too, because it’s going through the final draft reading right now. Mostly, I enjoy working with the supporting and background characters from the series, usually using the Big Three in smaller roles, but there’s a little variability there. It’s a big universe to play in.

    Details on this page, but I thought I’d mention it, just in case.

    Be well, everyone.

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    Star Trek – A Chekov Story

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    So, I keep mentioning that I’m doing the fanfiction thing a little bit. In fact, I have seven stories and the novel written in the Star Trek prime universe, all set in the time between the last episode of the original series and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Six of the stories have basically gone through the “make it pretty” stage, and the seventh is not only complete and has had its final read through, but I’ve published it on Wattpad, plus made a pdf version of it available here.

    Under the wonderfully horrible title of “Between a Rock and a Klingon”, that story uses recently-promoted lieutenant Chekov as the primary character, so is probably only your cup of tea if you really like my writing or if you really like Chekov. Well, and if you really like Star Trek. It’s completely published on Wattpad, all 16 scenes, or, like I said, available for download here.

    I just thought It was worth an announcement, and while I did one Facebook, things on Facebook are far more transient for most folks.

    And, it’s worth noting, Star Trek and all of its canon characters, places, locations, and names remain the copyright of CBS Paramount. No infringement Is Intended. It’s a work of fanfiction.

    If you have a taste for Star Trek fanfiction, please check it out. And then maybe go watch your favorite Chekov-centric episode.

    Be well, everyone.

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