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    by I don’t keep it a secret that I write some fanfiction, and so far it’s all set in the Star Trek prime universe. Nearly all of it is in or surrounds The Original Series time frame. I have written several pieces that happen in an overlap with the TOS/TAS timeline, in certain ways filling a few gaps in, and a few things in the time after the five-year mission but before TMP starts. The story I am currently drafting takes place a couple of years before the James T. Kirk five-year mission and not on the Enterprise. I have plans for a couple of stories in the TWOK era…

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    Yup, Still Writing FanFic

    by There’s really only one reason, and that reason trumps all of the arguments against doing it, which mostly boil down to how you can’t make money playing in other people’s universes unless you’re specifically invited by the rights holder. Here’s the thing, though. I don’t write my fanfic because I’m trying to make money at it, I’m doing it because I want new stories in the Star Trek prime universe that I would have enjoyed reading or seeing on the screen. If anyone else happens to enjoy them, too, then that’s a good thing. So far, I’m at: Published = 2 novels and 7 short stories. And I’m using…

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    Star Trek Sunday: The ST FanFic List

    by So most of this on the page I have dedicated to it, but keeping the Star Trek Sunday trend going, I thought it might be fun to list all of the TOS fanfic I’ve produced so far. There’s a decent amount of it, especially in terms of raw word count, but not a flood. Yet. Give me time. Eventually, all of the ideas I have will turn into stories. I’m not going to link to the individual stories that I’ve released, but rather to the dedicated page on this site and to the basic search string on Wattpad that will give you the full list of what’s currently available.…

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    Star Trek Sunday: Voyages, Volume 1

    by I first had the idea to write a few Star Trek stories of my own a year or so before the 50th anniversary of the first TOS airing. Life intervened, of course, as did other interests and responsibilities, and by the time I managed to get the first draft of the last of the seven initial stories, it was only about two weeks until that anniversary and it seemed like there wasn’t a lot of stress to get them ready for anything. Editing the stories was done in brief spurts across the next couple of years. In the meantime, I’d also drafted a novel-length story, Fractured Unity, and did…

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    Psst! Do you like fanfic?

    by In particular, Star Trek fanfic? I’ve got two available now. And more on the way. So far, there are two of seven shorts available, and there will be a novel in there somewhere, too, because it’s going through the final draft reading right now. Mostly, I enjoy working with the supporting and background characters from the series, usually using the Big Three in smaller roles, but there’s a little variability there. It’s a big universe to play in. Details on this page, but I thought I’d mention it, just in case. Be well, everyone. by

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    Star Trek – A Chekov Story

    by So, I keep mentioning that I’m doing the fanfiction thing a little bit. In fact, I have seven stories and the novel written in the Star Trek prime universe, all set in the time between the last episode of the original series and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Six of the stories have basically gone through the “make it pretty” stage, and the seventh is not only complete and has had its final read through, but I’ve published it on Wattpad, plus made a pdf version of it available here. Under the wonderfully horrible title of “Between a Rock and a Klingon”, that story uses recently-promoted lieutenant Chekov as…