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    Writing Report for February 2019

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    A good month, although a lot lighter than January, mainly due to doing only a little writing, and that by hand, during the vacation trip to (mostly) to Curaçao that was more or less a diary of the trip. 27 writing days out of a possible 28. Groundhog day got missed completely for reasons.

    Accomplishments in February:

    1. Welkiri Corps: now coming in at 49,616 words, and I’ve revised my guess at the word count to 55k. The end is a little farther off than I thought it was, and may still be. We’ll see.
    2. Battlefield: is now coming in at 59.6k and I’m still forecasting a 77k first draft with the 36th (of 46) chapter complete.
    3. Editing: 32 of the 40 Undead stories are at third draft status, with 8 out of 40 at final.
    4. Still editing: the 3rd draft of Fractured Unity is complete. I’m going to let it rest for a while as I edit other things until just before I’m ready to start posting it.
    5. 11 blog posts. A little light, but I was travelling for more than a week. That trip will probably get me a bunch of blog posts down the line. And maybe a novel. Definitely a few short stories.
    6. 23 journal entries, 10 of them from the vacation diary.

    Total word count for the month of 47,594 which is a lot lower than January’s 81,661 (but far above the 23k goal), and averaged only 1570 words per writing day. The average month for 2019 is probably somewhere in between the two, but every month is a new one and life happens.

    On the publishing side, things were not according to the original forecast, but have caught me up a little to where I want to wind up for the year.

    1. Thorvald’s Wyrd has started posting on Wattpad and the ebooks are in progress.
    2. Cover designs are complete for “Babysitting the Taran-Saurus” (a makeover) and “Breath Control”, a ST:TOS fanfic. Imagery selected for a novella and a novel to publish in the next few weeks.

    Next up, Goals for February:

    1. Short Fiction: Welkiri Corps should be complete well before the end of March and I hope to put a short story or two into the short fiction category, finally. Overall word count goal of 10k here.
    2. Battlefield: 21,000 words or to the end of the plot. I’m hopeful
    3. Short fiction editing: moving into the final draft for the rest of the Undead stories.
    4. Third draft of Fractured Unity to be completed.
    5. Non-fiction word count goal for the month is a mere 5000 words.

    Switching over to publishing:

    1. 10 short story submissions.
    2. Query letters will go out for Ancient Runes.
    3. Ebooks for “Thorvald’s Wyrd”, Turn the World Around, Skip to My Luu, and “Breath Control”.
    4. Serialization begins for Skip to My Luu, continues for “Thorvald’s Wyrd”, and runs completely for “Breath Control”.
    5. Ebooks for “Babysitting the Taran-Saurus” and “Wolves and Sheepdogs”.
    6. Cover design and layout for Skip To My Luu. I’d like to get this up and rolling as well.

    The total word goal for the month is 40k. So long as I continue to work hard and don’t miss too many days, this should be doable. I actually hope it will be significantly higher, though I’m not necessarily pushing for a January total.

    Be well, everyone.

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    Writing Report, February 2014

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    Quick overview of writing accomplishments for the month of February, 2014.

    Major WIP

    The Godhead, Book 1

    30,063 words written of 30,000 target. Barely dusted that one on the last day of the month, but I’m still pretty happy about it. As previously mentioned though, the story keeps getting a little more complicated. At just over 56k, I should be almost 60% through my original plot, give or take a few points. Based on my current projectsions, I’m looking at barely 47%. My forecast for overall length is leaning towards 120k now, a far cry from the 90 I’d first thought and the 95 I’d pretended to work with for a while.

    Novelette Project

    Company of the Dead”

    4th of the 4 novelettes, still not complete at 16,042 words written of a projected 15,000 with the climax left to complete and the denouement to go after that. Might be looking at 20k again, maybe only 19k. So much for the novelette length, hmm?

    Seriously considering expanding this project. I have a number of other subgenres I’d like to explore/mash and I feel comfortable doing it in the novelette to novella range.

    Other Fiction

    Total short fiction work of 13,500 words, which was not what I planned. The actual target was only 9k here, and I put a little more than that just into “Company of the Dead”. The rest is made up of two shorter stories towards The Undead project. I also didn’t do an awful lot of editing this month.

    But other fiction in chronological order of accomplishment:

    Third draft of “Tabouli Breath”, a flash fantasy piece now at 639 words.

    First draft of a ghost story flash for The Undead, still untitled at 1,173 words.

    Second draft of “An Opening, Just Whiskers Wide”, getting a little longer to 2,911 words. A little fleshed out in a couple of spots and tidied up in others.

    First draft of an untitled Revenant story for The Undead, coming in at 3,996 words.

    Other Writing

    Did very little editing this month, putting the time into other things, and managed revision notes for the first two chapters of Universeal Destiny. Need to fix that if I want it to become a polished final project someday.

    Non-fiction totalled 15,878 words, including blog posts (which takes in most of this one).

    Total for the Month

    59,861 words. This is a total that makes me quite happy, but says I should have stayed up just a couple of minutes later one night to hit the 60k mark.

    Looking ahead, the goals for March:

    1. Another 30,000 words on book 1 of The Godhead. This will (hopefully) get me somewhere very close to the ¾ mark.

    2. Really, actually finish “Company of the Dead”. I’m only 2.5-3k away, so this shouldn’t be a problem, right?

    3. Starting some significant work on The Undead collection stories. I have a couple of basic plots, but my current count says I still need 17 shorts and at least 9 flash pieces to round out to what I want.

    4. Revision notes for Universal Destiny. I will do this in March.

    5. Targeting 10 blog posts again for March, and three days more to do it in. Have written exactly this one so far.

    6. At least two episodes of “Days of Geek”.

    And there’s where we’re (I’m) at.

    Be well, everyone.

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    February Writing Update

    Facebooktwitterrssyoutubeby featherFebruary Writing Update

    Covering the month of February, 2013, here’s an update of my writing progress for the month with maybe a couple of sentences at the end on where I am for the year.

    Total Words of New Fiction: 16,586

    Of which 5,880 were in Dreams of Freedom. Yes, I set a low bench mark of 5,000 this month, but that was to focus on other things while still making a progress on the first draft.

    Another 4,918 went into new material for the first of the Warforge: Caledonia short novels, finishing off one transitional scene, all of a second, and starting a third. There are three more add in scenes after this one, at various points in the story, but I’m going to write them as I work my way through the second draft process.

    The remaining 5,788 words made up the rest of “Closing Time” (which turned out to be a novelette and not a short story) and getting back into “Klaatu Barada Nikto, Baby!” I keep leaving this story and coming back to it with the same ending in mind but with no idea how to get from where I am to where I want to be. That may have changed, but it’s going to take another three or four thousand words.

    On the editing side of things:

    Second draft of Ancient Runes is 90.5% complete, which is a little more than double what I’d originally set as the goal for this month. Here and there I neglected a little bit of first draft on something in order to squeeze in an extra scene or chapter of problem fixing. Really liking how the story is shaping up and I hope to have this draft complete before our tropical vacation (planned, booked, covered by a house sitter, and partially paid for) at the end of the first week of March.

    The slow 2nd draft of Warforge: Caledonia is going to pick up a little speed. It already has, to a certain degree: I blew by the modest 5,750 word edit/new scene goal for this month by more than 1,500 words, but once I’m back from the previously mentioned vacation, I’m going to dive into it, letting Ancient Runes rest for three or four months while I do the whole second draft on this set.

    As far as blogging goes, I’m coming in at 4,743 words next to a modest goal of 3,220 for the month. A good chunk of that is across several posts written in the last couple of days of the month, including this one.

    While book reviews aren’t on the official list of writing goals, I’d sort of promised myself I’d write at least a short one for each of the books I read this year, putting it up on Good Reads to demonstrate that I’d actually read each book as part of meeting my reading goal. Way behind.

    Cover art for Small Realities may be a reality. Still need to teach myself some formatting.

    Still no submissions out this year, but several rejections back and two short list notifications that I’m hopeful for. I need to smarten up.

    Final total, counting everything but editing as new words, is 22,904 for February, next to an overall goal of 17,970. A very good month, really, since by my measurements I also met every individual writing goal.

    But for the year to date, I’m still not quite where I wanted to be because of the too-high goals I originally set for January. But that’s okay, too. As I promised myself at the end of last year, all of the goals are moving targets and what the year looks like at the end might be very different than the beginning.

    In that spirit, here are the revised goals for March:

    • Dreams of Freedom = 5,000 words
    • Short Fiction = 5,000 words
    • Ancient Runes = finish 2nd draft (there are only 4 chapters left of 35)
    • Warforge: Caledonia 2nd Draft = 5,000 new words and 19k editing
    • Blog = 3,565 words

    You’ll note March is fairly light, totalling barely more than February at 18,815 words. It actually should probably be lighter than February as I’m going to be somewhere tropical for a week. I still hope to do some manual scribbling on the plane and in brief moments lying by the pool, probably to the tune of 250 words per day if I’m lucky. Again, stretching the goals is a good thing.

    Oh, and if you’re interested in Cyborg Bunnies, test recording is done, as is an introductory episode that will never see the light of day, we’ve done nearly all of the Admin stuff to set things up, and there’s a rough cut of the first real episode. With luck, it will be edited and we’ll record at least one more before leaving on vacation.

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