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    DoG Ep 15: Nichelle Nichols at Fan Expo 2013

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    00:00 Episode ID

    Days of Geek, Episode 15: From Fan Expo 2013, the incredible Nichelle Nichols.


    00:06 Music

    Split In Synapse courtesy of Kevin McCleod at incompetch.com.


    00:15 Intro

    A quick intro for the Nichelle Nichols Q&A, noting how awesome she is and the work she’s done for NASA outside of Star Trek.


    01:19 The Q&A

    Nichelle Nichols speaking to the fans.


    35:10 News

    A nice, vague explanation of why this episode was probably late releasing.


    35:38 Classics of Geek Cinema

    Five genre movie recommendations from 1981.

    35:51 Clash of the Titans

    36:50 Condorman

    38:13 History of the World, Part 1

    39:34 Modern Problems

    40:57 Outland


    42:39 Anime Corner

    Kotoura-san, a 13-episode series centring around a girl who was born with the ability to read minds and the slow exiting of her shell to find a group of friends who care about her.


    44:40 Outro

    In which I offer contact info:

    Closing music George Street Shuffle, courtesy of Kevin McCleod at incompetch.com

    Creative Commons licensing info (Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 Un-ported License).

    46:03 Blooper

    Well, sort of.

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  • Conventions

    After Action Report: Fan Expo, Day 2

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    Friday is the first big day of Fan Expo. The crowds have come and it gets worse the later in the day it is.

    The con floor is pretty huge at Fan Expo. If you spent two minutes at every booth, you might be able to see them all in one day, but not after you add travel time in and only if you ignore Artists’ Alley, which is absolutely impossible to do.

    And there’s a little more in the hallway just outside the giant area enclosing the con floor.

    Which is where we found half the cast of Sailor Moon signing autographs. Sailors Moon, Mars, and Jupiter, plus Tuxedo Mask and the show’s Voice Director. For youngest daughter, who’s recently discovered the show, it was pretty neat.

    I went to the Richard Dean Anderson panel by myself, where I realized that I’d put a broken memory card into the Zoom so had to record on my phone.

    Thinking I could get back to the hotel, get a working card (no, I wasn’t carrying 2 <sigh>), get oldest daughter to an anime panel, and still get back in time for David Hasselhoff’s panel, I didn’t take the poor traffic flow conditions of the con into account. My wife took pictures and a little video.

    FE2013 - RDA FE 2013 - DH


    But we got pretty good seats for George & Nichelle.

    George Takei, one of the primary reasons my son wanted to come this year (me too, but for different reasons) is an engaging speaker, very involved, and fun to listen to. He talked for about twenty minutes, took questions for as many more then introduced Nichelle Nichols and left the stage.

    George Takei
    George Takei

    Nichelle didn’t take questions, instead spoke to an audience on the importance of following dreams and making sure your children have the freedom to follow theirs. In between, she wove in a few anecdotes about Star Trek, family, and the space shuttle. I feel like her health isn’t as good as she’d like to have presented and have learned since the con that she’s in a wheelchair most of the time, able to walk only short distances. I was glad to hear her speak and disappointed to have missed her signing autographs.

    Nichelle Nichols
    Nichelle Nichols

    This is a good place to note that George is the youngest of the Star Trek Seven (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, Chekov) at 76. Presented without comment.

    My son and I (and a friend of his) stayed in the room for Ian McDiarmid, the Dark Lord of the Sith, Emperor Palpatine. Also an engaging fellow. I’m struggling to recall any question he answered that wasn’t Star Trek related, even though his done a fair bit of work on film and stage. A formal guard, provided by the 501st Legion, stood at attention during the entire panel, and accompanied him the next day on the con floor.

    Ian McDiarmid
    Ian McDiarmid

    The con proper was over at that point, with the floor closed and most things wrapped up, but a little later, after dinner, oldest daughter and I returned for the J-Pop dance (a little less pop than I might have liked and a little heavier) and late night gaming (the gaming room was open until ten, with people playing right up to the end).

    All in all, a pretty good day.

    Be well, everyone.

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