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    Shamless Self Promotion: Absence of Garlic

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    Way back in the October 2009 edition of Bards and Sages Quarterly, you’ll find what I consider my first modern publication (as opposed to my first paid publication, which happened back in 2003, a post for another day): “Absence of Garlic”.

    B&SOct2009“Absence of Garlic” is a story that’s difficult to classify. If pressed, let’s squeeze it into a box labelled Vampire Noir. At least there are both a vampire and a detective involved in the story, but they’re not the same character.

    And it’s a short story. Very short. Most places would classify it as flash, but once upon a time, that’s what Bards and Sages published. They still do flash, but the guidelines recently (earlier this year) changed so they’re accepting stories up to 5,000 words, but I believe it used to be only 1,500.

    As a single issue, you can get it as a kindle file on Amazon.ca or as kindle or print on Amazon.com. (Links are straight to the title.) But, if you really like short fiction, especially of the genre variety, Bards and Sages maintains a virtual store front at Drivethrufiction.com, where they’ve got a deal for the first five years of B&S Quarterly bundled as a single PDF for a mere $15. Among the other genre goodness, you’ll get three of my stories in the package.

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    Shameless Self Promotion Day: Strength of Stone

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    Okay, I don’t do this very often, but maybe I’ll start. Say, once each month.

    Strength of Stone” appeared in the May 2013 online issue of Sorcerous Signals and in issue 18 of Mystic Signals in print.

    In SorcerousSignals, it appeared with the teaser line of “Generations after the Bright Ones abandoned the great stone city, the descendants of the servants they left behind discover a dark fragment of their past.” The artwork, a stunning piece by Holly Eddy (whom I wish I could find a website for), beautifully encapsulates the story without actually giving anything away.

    Strength of Stone by Holly Eddy
    Strength of Stone by Holly Eddy

    Mystic Signals 18 is still available on Amazon, collecting all of the stories from that month of Sorcerous Signals and the previous month of The Lorelei Signal.

    Mystic Signals 18 - May 2013
    Mystic Signals 18 – May 2013

    You can read my story (along with other great tales) online for free, and I absolutely encourage that. But if you really like it (or something else you read on the same site), I’d encourage you to think about buying the issue of Mystic Signals. No, I won’t get paid anything extra, but the publisher will have that extra incentive to stay in business, and maybe I’ll have a story that fits there again someday if they do.

    Be well, everyone.


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