• Poetry

    Friday Poetry – A Blank Verse Sonnet

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    Tell me again how there’s no global warming.

    Oh right, we’re supposed to say climate change.

    I see, it was cold where you are today,

    And god is taking care of everything.

    Sorry? It’s warm and it’s supposed to be?

    Well, of course, you must still be correct then.

    What difference a few billion humans,

    A few thousand years of shaping the world?

    Isn’t it nice to live consequence-free

    And know nothing you do really matters?

    Your kids will inherit the same old world,

    Still turning the same as it always has.

    But if you’re wrong, maybe clean up a bit?

    Or at least try not to shit where we eat?

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  • Poetry

    A Little Verse for a Friday

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    Thought maybe we’d try a sonnet this week. Shakespearean, more or less, but the subject is a little less traditional.


    There is a place for each of you, and more

    In the depth of my ever-growing heart

    Away from prying eyes, I’ll keep you for

    My memories. Nostalgic, and apart

    From living life, each moment as I may,

    I will recall the times that brought me joy

    As well savour heartache, clutch cherished pain

    Each artistic scrawl and forgotten toy

    An instant on the path from then to now

    An on into the dreams and years ahead

    The paths you’ll take, the choices showing how

    You’ll walk a winding path of thrill and dread.

    To lives and families you’ll build. I’ll see,

    With bursting heart, just what you’ll come to be.

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