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    What I’m Writing: Scattered On the Wind

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    A quick snapshot of works in progress.

    Novel: The Godhead, Book 2

    Short: “Hitching Home, A Ghost Story”

    Year of Trek: “Scotty’s Enterprise”

    Editing: “Babysitting the Taran-Saurus”

    Plotting: Scattered on the Wind

    Too much? Well, it’s not technically everything I have in progress at the moment, but these are the main things and I am trying to limit myself a bit.

    I’ll draw your attention to Scattered on the Wind today. I have, for reasons I don’t understand, decided to attempt NaNoWriMo this year. It’s been a while, and I feel like I need the boost that will come from writing a 50,000 word story in a month.

    Except that I think I’ve rough plotted Scattered to 60,000-ish words. So that means I need to do 2,000 words per day instead of 1,667. Assuming my rough plot is roughly accurate.

    Oh, and I mostly don’t write on weekends these days, so that leaves only 20 days for me to write during Nano, which means I have to average 3,000 words per day.

    Only one conclusion can be drawn from this data: I’m crazy.

    But it’s a good crazy, and I’ll tell you why: it’s important to have a variety of goals, both realistic and unrealistic. Sometimes, you’ll actually hit one of the unrealistic ones and you’ll get to revise what realistic means. That’s what I’m hoping to do.

    For a little story detail, Scattered on the Wind takes place in the nebulous semi-near future where colonies are placed on other worlds with a Gateway. One such seed colony is placed on an apparently quiet, gentle world without a lot of high end predators or things that want to kill people. But strange signs of mental illness start to manifest among some of the colonists, and at the same time they start to find hints that maybe they’re not on the first colonial expedition to the world.

    The primary POV is Jules, a 15-ish year old girl, victim of the colonial program her parents enrolled in when she was a toddler, but having grown up knowing it might happen some day. I’m using bits of behaviour modeled from teenage girls I know to build her character a bit, but not too in depth.

    Because this is a NaNo project, you’re not supposed to do any writing ahead of time (plotting and character sketches and that sort of thing are fine), but there’s a line that keeps sticking in my head, not that I promise it will make it into the final draft unscathed, or at all.

    “Strange that so gentle a world could kill us so quietly and easily.”

    Be well, everyone.

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    What I’m Reading: Rain

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    Lately, I don’t seem to spend all that much time sitting still. I’m far, far behind on my reading goals for this year, at least when it comes to books. I am doing plenty of reading, but it’s mostly online, mostly electronic.

    And I’ve come, in the past few years, to somehow look at a print book as a luxury, something to sit down and savour, rather than devour.

    So it is with my current primary fiction reading. Rain, by Amanda Sun.

    This is the second book in her Paper Gods trilogy, and I’m ashamed to say that, much as I want to find a couple of hours to just sit down and read the whole thing straight through, I haven’t been able to do so. Instead, I’ve had to satisfy myself with a chapter here, a chapter there. As it stands, I’m only halfway through the book, when she very generously provided my daughters and me with an advanced reading copy Anime North at the end of May. (I also have a copy from her launch party. Both are signed, of course.)

    The girls have both long since reached the end of the book, and both in a matter of days. So I’m left with a bit of guilt, but my slow read also means that I have things to look forward in the story that they already know, I still have more of the story to savour, and I will have less waiting time between finishing book 2 and the arrival of book 3 next year.

    Rain, like a its predecessor, is YA fantasy, and is published by Harlequin Teen. But don’t let that fool you, this is not a romance story. Oh, certainly there are elements of romance in it, and the primary protagonists are in the vicinity of 17 years old, withing sight of finishing high school in Japan. But this is not a teenybopper romance story. This is modern fantasy set in Japan and giving us an awesome treatments of certain aspects of Japanese mythology, translated into our world. So sure there’s romance, but there’s also action, adventure, danger, and a little bit of cultural exploration that you don’t even realize is going on while you read.

    I loved the first book, and I’m loving the second. And I absolutely recommend that anyone go out and buy it. It’s a fun and amazing story, and if you’re a YA fan, a fantasy fan, or a fan of Japanese culture, you’ll absolutely be a fan of Rain. And Ink, the first book.

    Thank you, Amanda. And I can’t wait to see what comes next.



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