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    A House Full of Animals

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    Beyond the human variety that is.

    I share my living space with a lot of domesticated and semi-wildlife. The current count is something over 38, numbering

    • 3 Feline Overlords,
    • 1 Giant Dog™,
    • 11 Snakes between 2 species,
    • 8 lizards across 5 species,
    • 11 Forest Scorpions,
    • 1 Goliath Bird Eating spider,
    • 3 spiders of a smaller but approximately as venomous variety as the Goliath (so not very) and whose name eludes me at the moment,
    • An indeterminate number of cherry shrimp, White Cloud Minnows, and snails divided between an aquarium and a palludarium (that was supposed to have tree frogs in it by now except for the pandemic).

    It’s less crowded than you think, and maybe a little less work, too. (Depending on which snake we’re talking about, they only eat every 7-14 days. Which means that’s how often you have to scoop most of the time. Some fresh water, a little handling here and there. Low maintenance, and pretty cool, pets.)

    My son is fond of saying that we’re a giant snake and a small crocodilian away from having our own zoo. He’s not wrong. Menagerie is probably technically correct, though they’re really only on display for us.

    Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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    The Zoo

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    Yesterday, I made the joke that our house was more or less a giant snake and a small crocodile away from having our own zoo. A giant snake and a small crocodile are not in the cards at the moment, but the joke is less an exaggeration than you’d think.

    It’s already been suggested that I provide more details on that. So…

    1 Giant DogTM, a 9+ year old Saint Bernard who, reference notwithstanding, is actually on the small size for his breed.

    3 cats, ranging in age from 7 to 10.

    2 small fish tanks. One of which is a shrimp tank, really, with a couple of small algae eaters in it to help.

    A metre-tall paludarium that will eventually, after it’s finally put together and planted to my wife’s satisfaction inside, contain poison dart frogs. Sometime after the shutdowns are over, of course.

    9 Ball Pythons

    2 Corn Snakes

    Representatives of:

    6 different species of lizard

    2 different species of spider, though only one is really large enough to look at yet.

    14 small and one large Asian Forest Scorpion, though Mama doesn’t like her picture taken.

    So, anyone want to disagree with the word zoo? Maybe menagerie is the right word?

    Be well, everyone.

    And take care of your critters, too.

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