Space, the Final Frontier…

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Keeping to the Star Trek theme for another post, I thought I’d give a bit more of an update on the audio drama front.

Fractured Unity or, as I’m coming to think of it, Star Trek Voyages Season 1.  This is the six-episode story arc centered on the events stemming from a terrorist attack at a Federation-Gorn peace conference.  I have confirmed voices for more than half the parts, although a couple of the actors haven’t quite narrowed to a specific role yet.  The big stumbling block here is that I don’t yet have Kirk or Spock cast and both of them are integral to the story.  Things will work out because I’m not letting this go.  One of my actors has actually gone ahead and recorded a couple of promos, both brilliant but I don’t want to release them just yet because it’s probably still months before the episodes are all fully recorded, mixed, and scored.  And I’m not releasing until every episode is complete.  Nothing annoys listeners faster or more than production delays so if I have any, they’re not going to affect the release schedule.

Season 2, project coded Chekov Covert Operations.  I used Script Frenzy, if as an unofficial participant, as an excuse to start on the next Trek story I had taking up space in my head.  This one has Lieutenant Chekov as the main character of the story, serving a detached duty from Enterprise, and that’s all I’ll say about the story for the moment.  I didn’t hit the 100-page “win” for Script Frenzy, but did manage a bit more than 79 pages of script mainly working at odd moments here and there.  I’ve put a few more pages in so far in May and I’m currently drafting episode six and thinking I don’t have enough time to wrap things up in an episode of similar length to the rest of the season.  So, long episode or split it in two?  It’s a debate.

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