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Show and Tell: Worm Bait

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Greetings, everyone!

I’ve decided that it’s show and tell day. What does that mean? Well, from a self-serving promotional standpoint, it means that I’m going to tell you about something I’ve published somewhere and what a great story it is. From a reader’s standpoint, hopefully I’m going to point you at something you’ll like.

For this first edition of show and tell, I’m picking a very recent publication, a fun little story titled “Worm Bait” included in the Dead Bait 3 collection.

With a caption of ‘reaching new depths of terror’, Dead Bait 3 is a 45,000 word Kindle book retailing on Amazon for $2.99 and published on April 30th of this year. I’m sharing the contents page with seven other authors, as follows (and my apologies to anyone whose name I’ve mispronounced in the audio):

Stumped by Cody Goodfellow

Worm Bait by Lance Schonberg (that’s me)

The Demon in the Water by Mark C. Scioneux

The Brotherhood of the Needle by S.T Gulik

Old Man and the Fish by Randal Tanabe

Sinkers by Murphy Edwards

The Fish in the Fields by C. Dennis Moore

The Old Man and the Sea of the Dead by Tim Curran

If experience is a guide, my story is probably the least disturbing of any tale in the collection, but I’m more than okay with that and thrilled just to be included. The truly disturbing and horrific isn’t my forté, anyway. When I write horror, it’s designed to make you shiver a bit and maybe look over your shoulder. “Worm Bait” is a quick and dirty tale of two cryptozoologists on the hunt for the Lagarfljót Worm, a lake monster living in a glacier fed, silt filled lake in Iceland. Legend has it the beast is at least three hundred feet long and spits poison. My kind of cryptid.

If you want to check it out, the Amazon link is attached to the cover shot below.

Be well.

Dead Bait 3 for Kindle

Sorry, the audio claims it’s yesterday. I recorded last night but didn’t do it early enough to satisfy myself being able to listen to it on enough devices. Still working on the quality, but it’s pretty clear.

Click the play button or right click the link below and choose ‘save as’ to download.

Show and Tell: Worm Bait (18 Jun 2012)

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