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Then I’ve finally adjusted my profiles and made the partial switch to the new website,

I say partial because I’m keeping, too. RN will be for personal adventures, but this website is where you’ll find all of my writing and related activities, and things that affect them. Whether that’s a wise division or not is a matter of some debate, both in the privacy of my own head and publicly among authors. It’s what I’m going with right now and the beauty of free will is that you can always change your mind later.

So that the new website isn’t completely content free up front, I’ve copied all of the writing related posts here from Renaissance Ninja. I may go back a little further and do the same with the writing related stuff from the old Small Realities blog (a title I still like, you may have noticed), as there are some interesting things in there, too.

For the moment, I’ve put things together enough that I can consider the site up and running. Yes, there are still a lot of things I want to do with it, some of which will be obvious on the surface of things and some of which will be behind the scenes to help me accomplish goals and stuff. I like the feel of the site so far, but please poke around and tell me what you think.

Oh, and I do have a third domain. That’s where The Adventures of Writing Dad podcast is going to happen. Tentatively in January, maybe sooner depending on how much audio work the real world lets me get done—I want to have a fair bet ready before I launch.

Be well, everyone.

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