Writing Goals for 2013

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So, the Three Year Plan notwithstanding, I’ve got some writing goals for 2013. I don’t want to use the word “resolutions”. Too easy to give up and I’m all about flexibility and adaptability in accomplishing my goals.

My overall word target is a moving one, but the initial one is big. Bigger than I’ve ever managed before. Bigger than the last two years combined. Granted that the last couple of years have not been the best, creatively, but I have high hopes for 2013. Looking into the future, it seems pretty bright.

And the goal amounts to only 1,000 words per day, not counting blogging or philosophy. Both of those only get to happen if I’ve already hit the fiction target for the day. Doesn’t sound so bad, right? Well, toss in the editing and revisions I want to do, and it might look a little more intense, but I’m not going to let intensity worry me.

Actually, I’m not going to let the goal itself worry me. Every month is fresh, every day is fresh. The goal is only a goal and whatever I achieve will be awesome because it will have created stories that don’t exist yet.

But I’m putting it down here: my target for 2013 is 365,000 new words of fiction, including as much as 100,000 words of short fiction because I love short stories. We’ll see what the number totals to on December 31st before I go to bed.

Be well, everyone.

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