January Writing Update

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So, as promised, here’s the first Writing Update for 2013, covering the month of January.

Total Words of New Fiction: 15,740

Of which 6798 were in Dreams of Freedom. Considering the goal was 20,000, that’s not all that impressive, however more on that in a minute.

1021 were the first half of a new scene in Warforge: Caledonia.

The remaining 7,921 words went into “Klaatu Barada Nikto, Baby!” and a Warforge short story tentatively titled “Closing Time”. Neither of these stories are actually complete at this point and the overall word count left me 604 words short on this month’s short fiction goal.

On the editing side of things:

I did a full read of Ancient Runes, making revision notes all the way, 5200 words worth for a 67,000 word novel. And I finished them with three days to spare. I wonder how long the second draft will end up being. By the time this posts, I’ll have already started.

The slow 2nd draft of Warforge: Caledonia is just a touch slower than originally projected, at least so far, with me getting 68% of the distance I wanted to into the manuscript.

Between here and Renaissance Ninja, I’ve written 10 blog posts, including most of this one, totaling 5020 words. Plus book reviews for the first four Star Trek: Titan novels (a discussion for another day), and a partial draft of the author’s notes for the stories to be in the first issue of Small Realities.

So, the final total, counting everything but editing as new words, is 28,197 for January. Not too shabby, really, even if, from a goals perspective, it works out to only 2 met out of 6 with the other 4 missed by varying degrees.

It’s also worth noting that I received two story acceptances this month (“Strength of Stone” at Sorcerous Signals, and “Dragonomics” at Cast of Wonders), but didn’t manage to actually send any submissions out. Need to fix that for February.

Speaking of February, I’ve done the breakout for specific goals and have set the new fiction goal very lightly for the month in order to focus on the second draft of Ancient Runes as much as possible. But aside from that, I have to do the real prep work for the first issue of Small Realities, and I have no idea what kind of time commitment the Cyborg Bunnies Podcast is going to need.

A good month, and one I’m counting as successful. All goals are a moving target, and to paraphrase something I read once, if you shoot for the stars and fail, you might still make orbit.

Be well, everyone, and stay tuned.

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