Set a New Writing Goal Day

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For those of you taking note of the Year of CelebrationTM, Tuesday (Februay 19th) was Set a New Writing Goal Day. Yes, a totally made up holiday, it falls on the 50th day of the year, a good day, I thought, to review goals for the year and adjust them if they seem too unrealistic in one direction or the other.

My overall writing goals for the year, while aggressive, still looked doable. January started slow in terms of hitting targets, but February seemed to be a month for good, solid performance and I felt like I’d hit every target for the second month of the year. I skimmed through things and made the quick judgement that I’d leave my goals as they were for now.

I still think I’m going to hit every target for this month. Well, every target but one. I’m supposed to be on a quest for cover art for what I consider one of the most important goals this year: Small Realities. At least I thought I considered it an important goal for the year, but at the moment I’m asking myself how I’m going to put out the first issue in March if there’s no cover art.

So I’ve reforecast things starting after we come back from a family vacation in March (still kind of in the planning stages, but I think we’ve got tickets and a house sitter). The daily targets are going to get left alone between now and then, but after that, I’m going to streamline and scale back a little for a couple of (several/few/nine or ten) months, focusing on second and third drafts of Ancient Runes and Warforge: Caledonia. The “fix what’s broken” draft of Ancient Runes is already almost 2/3 done. I still hope to get the first draft of Dreams of Freedom done by the end of the year, but I’m not going to stress over it and I’m not going to push for the second one. Short fiction will continue at the relaxed pace I’ve already set.

So if I’ve freed up time, what fills it in? Surely finding some cover art can’t be that big a job.

Well, I do still need to teach myself about formatting for all of the major platforms, and Small Realities isn’t the only thing I want to publish this year. Thorvald’s Wyrd, Turn the World Around, possibly Graceland, and a Seekrit Projekt that involves a whole lot more art than your standard book. And there’s another thing I’d really, really like to do, but that comes under the heading of Sooper Seekrit Projekt.

But, I also have to make sure that the podcasting project with my daughter has plenty of available time for recording, mixing, editing, etc. Coming soon to an MP3 capable device near you! We’ve done all of the test recording we probably need to do and have set up an easily modifiable recording environment. Episode 0 will happen this weekend, and maybe even Episode 1. We’re going to record at least the first six before we start releasing, to make sure we really have fun doing it.

And I can’t neglect my other two children or my wife.

Change any of your writing goals recently?

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