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March Writing Update

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So the targets I set for March were aggressive considering a family vacation and what I met and missed is a bit scattered. I didn’t really contend with the level of exhaustion when I got back from vacation and didn’t predict a small hardware failure (and fried flash drive) resulting in the loss of several days work (yes, I’ve been lazy about backups lately) or taking a week off after that hardware failure. Or the amount of time the girls and I have spent prepping for Ad Astra next weekend.

All of which is okay. Especially the last one. That’s better than okay, it’s awesome.

But to focus on writing, the original targets for March:

  • Dreams of Freedom = 5,000 words
  • Short Fiction = 5,000 words
  • Ancient Runes = finish 2nd draft (there are only 4 chapters left of 35)
  • Warforge: Caledonia 2nd Draft = 4,000 new words and 20k editing
  • Blog = 3,565 words
  • Overall goal of 18,815 new words.

The actual achievements:

  • Dreams of Freedom: 1,100 words. Far short, especially considering the flash drive failure, but it depresses me having to redraft things. I’m over it now, but it took a few days (or maybe a week).
  • Short Fiction: 896 words, “Klaatu Barada Nikto, Baby!” got a little longer and, at this moment, sits at 10,407 words. Same note as for Dreams of Freedom.
  • Ancient Runes 2nd Draft is complete, though a quick skim shows me several things I’d like to go back and layer in.
  • Warforge: Caledonia 2nd Draft, I did finish the transitional scene applicable to where I am in the story right now, but lost a fair bit of editing progress. I worked through 3,898 words of revised scenes. Twice.
  • Blog = 2,368 words, including this post. All of that is in the last couple of days for things that haven’t posted yet. I actually managed to go through March without posting a single entry to either blog. Depressing, but April will already be better.
  • Draugur Rising: 9,134 words. Wait, what the heck is this? Well, it’s a novel that I started while on vacation. I’d planned to work on “Klaatu Barada Nikto, Baby!” by hand in Cuba, maybe getting it finished between lying on the beach and plane rides, but instead decided I’d start on something new, picking up an idea that had been bouncing around in my head for a year or so and letting it loose. It’s taken on a life of its own.
  • Overall = 15,601, which isn’t horrible even if it misses what I planned and most of the fiction wasn’t on projects I’d planned.

And I’m still not caught up on book reviews, but I did get one done.

I’ve put Small Realities on hold for the moment while I work some things out in my head.

Submissions: 0, which makes me ask what the hell is wrong with me? Oh yeah, I took half the month off.

Revised goals for April:

  • Dreams of Freedom: 5,000 words, and I mean it this time.
  • “Klaatu Barada Nikto, Baby!” has 3-4k left, I think. It would be nice to finish it this month.
  • Warforge: Caledonia 2nd Draft: 20,000 words of editing progress which, looking at the scenes ahead, includes one new scene probably about 2,000 words long.
  • Blogging: targeted at 3,450 words.
  • Draugur Rising: I don’t know. I’m trying an experiment with this one, dictating for part of my commute each day then doing a quick touch up to fix what the software didn’t make sense of. I have 21 work days this month and wonder if 500 words on each of those is reasonable. Let’s go with 10k for April.

Cyborg Bunnies is proceeding. We may conduct some interviews at Ad Astra if we can find some willing victims participants.

Be well, everyone, and stay tuned.

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