Ad Astra Cosplay Results

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Since it almost seems like the steampunk weapons were more work (at least they took longer), we’ll start with those.

We turned these:

IMGA0630 IMGA0634 Nerf Shotgun 01

Into these:

IMGA0635(That’s a post-con picture. You can see a little evidence of use and, in my case, the loss of a small scorpion on top.)

Mine (the shotgun) was pretty much done with layers of spray paint and made use of painter’s tape. The girls’ were much more intricate, involving a lot of handpainting and far more artistic ability than I’ve got.

As for costumes, there was much shopping of thrift stores and craft stores. We’ve got a lot of stuff we didn’t use (hey, FanExpo is coming) to play with still. The girls were awesome:

IMGA0652 IMGA0653

I actually had two costumes, the traditional mad scientist and 2/3 of a three-piece suit I accessorized. Worked out fairly well, I think.

IMGA0645 IMGA0655-closer in

Bit of a difference in demeanor, no?

We didn’t manage to take a lot of pictures since we were in costume most of the time (all of the time in the case of my oldest daughter}, and I need to raid two iPods to see everything we took, but I’ll get some photos up of other cosplayers shortly.

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  • Ril

    LOVE the guns! costumes look great too, so much fun. The dr horrible esk crazy scientist look looks like it would have been fun. thanks for posting pics.

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