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So What Does “Shifting Priorities” Mean for the Website?

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So what do I really mean when I say “shifting priorities” and “refocusing my efforts”?

Well, I don’t mean I’m giving up writing or creative pursuits, that’s for sure. Too many stories I want to tell. But I’m certainly changing how much I’m pursuing and how fast. The ‘Hitlist’ contains several sublists for project ordering. But, as I said, I’m making some philosophical changes, and those necessitate a little rearranging of my online world, too.

I’ve let the domain go, having decided there isn’t any point in the extra complexity of maintaining two personal blogs, even though I’ve mostly been trying to keep this one as a writing blog. But I’m more than just a writer and the writers whose blogs I tend to read post about more than just writing. They’re people beyond their writing. It makes sense to me that I should be one of those.

Here at my primary website, the ‘2013 Goals’ tab has been replaced by a ‘Project List’. It doesn’t contain everything on the full list, but it does show the current project and the next handful planned to give folks an idea where I’m headed in the next little while. It also contains a similar sized list of the things I plan to indie publish. “Thorvald’s Wyrd” and “Turn the World Around” are still high priority, but not at the very top. Small Realities figures prominently and I’m keeping a couple of secrets for the moment.

In keeping with the ‘focus’ mantra, there is now only one WIP indicator at the top right of this page.

An end to the monthly writing reports. I’ll announce exciting things as and when they happen. Otherwise, no one but me really cares exactly how many words I wrote on any particular thing last month.

I’ve secured two domain names for other significant projects: for the podcast with my oldest daughter, and for another project I’m going to hold close to the vest for a week or two.

I’m returning to the idea of scheduled office hours, i.e. introducing a little bit of time management skill into my free time, something more than just a ‘to do’ list to keep me targeted towards the current set of goals.

Consolidation, simplification, focus.

Be well everyone.

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