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Begun, the Language Wars Have

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My oldest daughter is learning a bit of Japanese, partly due to a desire to live in Japan one day, and mainly via anime and Japanese music. I’m encouraging this, as she’ll let me, since it’s a dream of mine to spend a year in Japan, pending my spouse being convinced, and hopefully soon enough to take all three of our children with us.

Somewhere in the anime, she’s picked up a couple of simple insults and has apparently used at least one of them on her sister. If only I were surprised.

My youngest daughter has decided she needs to learn to respond, also in Japanese. Last night, I caught her using Google Translate trying to figure out appropriate responses.

Older sister suggested that it would be funnier if she used a different language, and I think the suggestion may have been overheard.

How long before the cry of “Schweinhund!” or “Vache stupide!” is heard in our house? This could get very creative and very out of hand very quickly.

Begun, the Language Wars have.

Be well, everyone.

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