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Entering the Tablet World

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I decided a while back that my next computer would probably end up being a tablet. My current laptop is starting to stagger and I’ve just about had it with burning through laptops in a couple of years. There are too many of them in the house anyway.

On Labour Day at Best Buy, while browsing the tablet section, I allowed my wife to talk me into a Surface. Between the sale and the recent price reduction, it’s was a pretty sweet deal. Out of stock in the store, we were able to order it online. It arrived this morning about 20 minutes before I had to leave for work. Awesome timing. I was able to open the box and plug it in before I left.

Now, I’m not a huge Microsoft fan, exactly, but I think every computer I’ve ever had has run some kind of windows, except for the old desk top I’m experimenting with Linux on. And I’ve been following stories and reviews on the Surface. I’m not going to give any serious opinions yet, but I want to be impressed. Everything I’ve read tends to be polarized and partly depending on when it was written; the more recent, the more favourable the review, it seems, so I’m hopeful. I’ll post bits and pieces on what I discover and accomplish with my new device as we go along.

But right now I have to go play with it. While I’m still awake.

Inside this box...
Inside this box…
There’s another box. And inside that box…
My new Surface RT.
My new Surface RT.


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