What I Did This Summer

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Let me follow this vaguely back to school title with the note that, just like physical health, everyone is responsible for their own mental health. Period.

Don’t blame the world or other people or things beyond your control. These may be causes, but they are not excuses. Take responsibility, take action, do what is necessary to get better.

For my part, a combination of things in various aspects of my life drove me to centre on my family and tune out the rest of the world a bit. That second part really isn’t healthy, either, stealing from one part of your well being to feed another, but I figured that out eventually too and I’ve taken the steps to centre myself and decide on a clear vision of who I want to be. The nice thing is I’m mostly that person. The other nice thing is I’m aware that it requires ongoing growth and effort to continue to be that person and to improve him. And to be there for the people around me.

Every day is a new one.

On a less abstract note, it was a busy summer. We made some significant progress in de-cluttering the house, although a bit portion of that clutter has merely moved to the garage for the moment. There were lots of small activities, video games, movies, geocaching, karate classes, and football skill improvements, as well as the usual summer chores and cleaning up the yard. I cut down three dying pine trees to save five more—whoever lived in the house before we did planted them a foot or so apart and they’re far too big for that now, but I hope I’ve given the rest of them a fighting chance.

And of course, there was Fan Expo, about which I have written much, and I’m probably not done yet. I also haven’t managed to put the good cosplay photos I took at the con up on Facebook or Flickr. I should add that to my list of things to do.

Be well, everyone. Mentally, and physically.

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