Days of Geek Launch

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The Podcast Launch

So I’ve been thinking, and talking, and writing, about doing a podcast for a long time, coming up with a lot of thoughts and ideas of things I’d like to do.

The primary criteria involved are fun and interesting. Removing those will turn podcasting into a drudge task that doesn’t last very long. Not what I’m after in a hobby.

I thought I had it with my girls deciding it might be fun. The youngest wanted to help with interviews and the oldest actually wanted us to co-host, and we were going to talk about a variety of geeky things we enjoyed together or even as a whole family. Unfortunately, that excitement didn’t last long. Schedules may partly be to blame, but we recorded bits and pieces of several episodes and they lost interest in doing it. The Cyborg Bunnies Review was no more, gone before it had really gotten moving.

But I still wanted to do something, and the taste of getting things going wasn’t enough. Plus, two friends had been kind enough to submit to guinea pig interviews. Those had to happen.

And life happened, too.

So I found myself in the back half of August when we’d planned to launch in June and I went back to the list of all of the ideas I’d had for podcasts, combined a couple of them, took some inspiration from the podcast that never was, and came up with Days of Geek.

Interviews, audio essays, classic geek cinema discussion, reviews, and Q&A panels I’ve recorded at conventions (mainly Fan Expo so far, but I’ve got a couple from Montreal last fall, too). An eclectic collection of geeky things I find fun and interesting. I think other people might, too, but we’ll have to wait and see.

I have tentatively scheduled to launch on September 17th 24th. (Still need cover art and a couple of small things.) There’s nothing really stopping me at this point except I only have three episodes in the can where I wanted at least five. Life again.

But I’ve also scripted the next two episodes, rough plotted five beyond that, and listed the main subject for forty more. Just at this moment, I have one more interview, 12 more recorded Q&As, and no shortage of geek cinema or subject matter I can go over. Plus some co-hosting ideas of my own. There’s no shortage of content—all I have to do is produce it.

So I’m going to aim for weekly and when life makes that hard, I’ll post a quick audio apology and miss a week. People are pretty understanding when the content is free.

And I think this is going to be fun.

There’s not much going on yet, but you can connect with the show on Facebook (Days of Geek), Twitter (@daysofgeek), or the website (

Stay tuned for the launch, and be well.

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